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Elden Ring players will have to make several elections to change the world in intermediate lands. Making mortal sin, such as the burning of ErdTri, is accompanied by a roller, and you will return to Lindelle. However, instead of the royal city, it will be called the ashtop.

After reaching Lindel, Ashchen Capital Players will have to make their way to Elden Throne . Although most doors are blocked by sand, players can choose a few ways. France to the left side of the terrain to get to the stairs shown in the image below, it leads directly to Elden Sanctuary of Grace.

You will meet Sir Gideon all-knowing , in the sanctuary of Elden. Win it and climb a tree branch leading to Queen’s bedroom, place of grace . From here, players can enter Elden Throne, where they will fight. Hoara Lux .

In the same way, if players will adhere to the right side after reaching Lindella, the ashes of the capital, they will find the remains of a huge gray dragon. Climb on his wing to detect the staircase shown in the image above. This will lead the players inside the castle, from where you can visit Isolated Divine Tower is in the midst of the ocean.

Where to Go after reaching Leyndell Ashen Capital | Elden Ring
There is also a sewage system that players can pass after the achievement of Lindella, the ashes of the capital. It leads down to underground shelters, where players will fight. Morg, sign . Players can go on these paths after burning Erdati and the achievement of the capital.

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