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In the quarterfinals of the Bavarian Country Cup, third-divisionlivers Würzburg met on Schweinfurt, the third of the Regionalliga Bavaria. The Würzburgs, who were most recently due to victories against Havelse and Wiesbaden again hopes on the class preservation, wanted to ensure clear circumstances against the rivals. But in the initial minutes, the “Schnüdel” played forward from the beginning, had the first occasions and should be rewarded for the courageous start after only five minutes, as FFK goalkeeper judge could not ward off a central shot of Böhlein.

Afterwards, the pace of the game decreased, but it continued to play only the regional design, which also had the next bigger chance of the game. A shot of the scorer Böhnlein missed the Würzburg goal just scared. Thereafter, the Würzburgs also woke up and came through Sané, who only narrowed his head after a Stefaniak free kick, to their best opportunity.

Würzburg comes better from the break – and turns the game

Würzburg moved twice to the break and came much better in the second half. A header of domestic-contigant crawl was able to parry Schweinfurt’s goalkeeper Zwick, but he was open to Schneider’s margin, but he was chance (59.). Afterwards, the Würzburgs revealed further possibilities and were rewarded for their effort when Sané came again after a Stefaniak flank to the header and hit the back of the head for 2: 1 (67.).

In the episode of the goal, Tüfurt pressed for the compensation, which gave up rooms for the third division. Shortly before the expiration of the regular season, hägele came to the conclusion after preliminary work of Schneider in the penalty area and scored 3: 1 – the preliminary decision (86.).

However, the final point of the game was reserved for Würzburg Sané: After a counterattack, the attacker was able to run unprundantly on Zwick and push it into 4: 1 final score.

Santelli: “That gives self-confidence”

Würzburg coach Santelli criticized after the game the attitude of his man’s cow at the beginning of the game, in which the Würzburgs were “not present at all”. At the same time, the 53-year-old showed pleased with the gates to standard situations. “This definitely gives self-confidence, if we practice this in training and it works in the game.” This self-confidence must now also take the FWK in the league game operation to prevent the second descent in two years.

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