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In the cross-country ski sprint, the 22-year-old Maier was second on Wednesday on the route from Zhangjiakou with 1.3 seconds of residue on the Paralympics winner Benjamin Daviet from France. Maier already got silver in the biathlon at his Paralympics premiere in China.

Silver Medal Run For Menna Fitzpatrick | Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games
“I am very satisfied. It’s an incredible feeling,” Maier said after his second coup. In the race, everything was possible for the athletes from Kirchzarten, which is missing on the left hand three front finger members. In the end it was ranked two again. “The target straight has found no end,” Maier said. “In the end, the relief was huge as I could cross destination line. That it was still enough for silver, the better.”

The 15-year-old Linn Kazmaier has already won their third medal. In the cross-country-sprint of the visually impaired, the recent German participant with Guide Florian Baumann secured the third place. Kazmaier earlier in the biathlon and over 10 kilometers in cross-country skiing each of the silver medal. Paralympics winner became the Austrian Carina Edlinger from Oksana Schischkowa from Ukraine. Leonie Walter came a day after her surprising success in the biathlon with Guide Pirmin Strecker as fourth.

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