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Ubai ISoft has published a video of a story that is the day of the game before the Japanese operator “AZAMI” added by the YEAR 7S1 “Demon Veil” of the Tactical Shooter “ Rainbow Six Sease “.

For about 2 minutes of videos, the new operator’s “Azami” contacts Rainbow for revenge, “Hibana”, and the story is animated until you are in the battle with international criminal organizations. It is introduced by the video.

“Azami” of the new operator ‘Azami’ “Azami” “Kana” was once a Japanese woman who belonged to the Metropolitan Police Department, which is called “KIBA barrier”, and prevents in the place where it was stabbed. Have the ability to generate a barrier.

Also, the year7s1 “Demon Veil” has also been revealed to start on March 15.

“Rainbow Six Seeds” YEAR7S1 “Demon Veil” is scheduled to be released March 15 by Windows (Ubisoft Connect) / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X / S / XBox One.

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