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Havelses Coach Rüdiger Ziehl moved in comparison to 0: 0 at Viktoria Cologne four times: Fölster, Plume, Gubinelli and Langfeld began instead of Tasky, Düker, Froes and Lakenmacher.

Berlin’s new coach Farat Toku also exchanged four places in Halle 1: 4 defeat in Halle: Ezeh, Gunte, Theisen and Makrecki started for cock, Lewald, Yamada and Verkamp.

In the initial phase, Berlin joined veryly, the new coach had set his team offensively well. Already in the first minute, Theisen had to take the Viktoria in the lead. But that did not bring a little later: An Ezeh corner made the defensive man on five meters to 1: 0 guidance (10th). The initial phase clearly belonged to the boxes, Falcao missed after errors of Havelelses Keeper Quindt even the 2: 0 (16th).

Gubinelli uses crash mistakes

Speaking mistakes of a goalwart, also Berlin Keeper Kahl Patzte – and here it was followed by the keeper played the ball exactly in the legs of pond graves. About detours landed the ball at Gubinelli, who met for compensation (21.). The shot was not particularly placed, the goalkeeper of the guests saw in this scene so not good twice.

The Viktoria shook shortly and had almost achieved the 2: 1 through Gunte (24.). Otherwise, it was more balanced after the one-sided initial phase, the hosts were even better in the game. Competitive chances were there we did not over there, which is why it went with the 1: 1 in the cabins.

Farat Toku - neuer Cheftrainer von Viktoria Berlin

Ezeh meets the latte

After the second exchange came from Havelse to the front as well as nothing more, the households had no ideas in the offensive. Berlin was the clearly better team. Ezeeh’s free kick was just on the left (51.). The Viktoria was mostly dangerous in the second section from the distance, JoPek’s central shot was quindrt to slip away, but the ball went next to the box (67th). Even in the 79th minute, the keeper of the households was the focus, Ezeh’s free kick he steered with the fingertips still on the latte (79th).

The guests were game-determining and from the 80th minute also in mind, since Fölster had brought as a last man seifut. With a man less, however, the tail light defended the 1: 1 realtively loose over time, Berlin could no longer be dangerous except for a harmless shot of Menz (90. + 3).

How are you? Havelse, with now 22 points continue to be a bit down at the bottom, is a guest on Saturday afternoon (2 pm) at FC Kaiserslautern. The residue with a counter residue on the first religious rank Berlin received on Friday evening (19 clock) 1860 Munich.

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