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One week ago, the controversial Youtuber and Streamer Rainer W. Alias ​​Drachenlord has finally left the so-called “Schanze” in a small village in Central Franconia. This is the property including house, which he has inherited from his father.

Since then, the village has been atmen after years of suffering under the “Dragon Game”, in a television program, a resident announced great celebrations. The Dragon Lord has been touring through Germany with its new eye-catching car and provides a “schnitzel hunt” with the “Hater”.

But what happens to the ski jump after the excerpt from Rainer W.?6 was already cleared as a neglected property? Will the buildings soon demolished? And why is the police continue permanently on site? **

Did the property be cleared out?

In fact, the property including buildings was already completely outling, large containers full of waste and old furniture standing in the yard. Online, pictures of supposed “Hater” appeared on which the bare interiors can be seen.

Is the “hill” torn off?

The bad condition of the residential building is again very clear. Other parts of the estate are also expired, partly collapsed. The community is now owner and actually announced the timely demolition of the “hill” .

Continue police protection for “hill”

But until then, the police for peace in the Mittinciren village near Nuremberg must provide. This is with units of the support command (USK) around the clock on site to hold any “Hater” from the trendy.

The property has been a pilgrimage for years for the anti-fans of the Dragon Lord and the authorities fear the journey of numerous “Haterns” on the hunt for souvenirs. Rainer W. left numerous items in his excerpt.

During the Youtuber and the “Hater” continues to provide a “schnitzel hunt” across Germany, according to the euphemist term for the persecution of the 32-year-old, the vocation for Rainer W. in Nuremberg is already in about two weeks. He threatens two years imprisonment.

_Muss of the Dragenlord really soon to jail? You read this below.

Does Dragon Lord have to jail?

In fact, Internet awareness is currently threatening to date two years imprisonment, possibly even more. This judgment made the court in Nuremberg last October. Without probation, since the 32-year-old was already probable at the time of alleged crimes. The Dragon Lord quickly appealed, felt the verdict as unfair. The prosecutor also went the same step, even calls two and a half instead of two years imprisonment. The process starts on Wednesday, 23 March 2022.

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