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In late autumn, the once as proud FC Barcelona was athletic as financially on the ground, but now the Catalans wider again morning air. The main responsible for the mood bluing at Camp Nou is coach Xavi, but also two former BVB stars are quite their share.

Some a Barca fan could hardly trust his eyes last Sunday. A 4: 0 home win against Athletic Bilbao? For the fourth time in February a success with four specially achieved hits? And all without Lionel Messi?

Yes, in fact, it is true: In the spring of 2022, FC Barcelona has no liability number for the first time since a felt eternity, but one of the most shaped teams of the European top leagues.

The meantime distant Champions League qualification is due to the most recent series of Bluegrana, which are still unbeaten after the turn of the year and have gained five out of seven Laliga encounters, again.

Of approximately, the positive development in Catalonia, however, does not come: in the depressing fall, when the low point was reached, comprehensive personnel changes were decided in Barca’s leadership rates that slowly carry fruits. In addition, the decay of the injury wave is noticeable.

Three names are symbolic for the Renaissance of the proud club:

  • XAVI

With the decision to dismiss the chronic overwhelmed Ronald Koeman and replace by club icon XAVI, the BarCa Responsible landed a direct hit.

The ex-professional brings everything to shape a new success era: great identification with the association and its values, the necessary tape and above all the necessary know-how for modern, attractive football.

It is noticeable that the FC Barcelona occurs in the Xavi again more dominant. High pressing and fast combinations let guild where the path that was taken could still lead.

Xavi (2.v.R.) Hipped Barca new life

Even without Lionel Messi, the squad has many outstanding single kings. The art is to form a team from them. Xavi seems to have found a good mix. The many top talents from Barcas world-famous Nachwüchtakademie La Masia also benefits the approach of the coach.

  • Pedri

The shooting star of the preseason is finally resilient after a powerful summer including Em- and Olympic participation. Drawn from the duration load, Pedri had suffered a stubborn thigh injury in September, which put him out of battle for a quarter of the year.

At the end of January, the 19-year-old, which is also supposed to be on the piece of Bayern on the note, finally returned to the square and has since been the swivel and pivot in the midfield of the FC Barcelona.

“Pedri does not lose ball, just plays between the lines. It is wonderful to see him playing. He reminds me very much about Andres Iniesta, puts everything slightly. I have not seen such talents often. When the ball reaches Pedri ‘The game will be better, “Xavi swarmed after the gala against Bilbao from his protégé.

Plus: Pedri is one of the most important identification figures of this new Barcas. The perspective, to be able to play with him, is likely to be in the poker for extensions and new additions a fist of the management.

How Xavi is Transforming Barcelona | What Are Xavi's Tactics?|
* ## Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

At the FC Arsenal hunted for an inglorious way from the courtyard, the long-standing BVB goalkeeper Aubameyang signed in the spring in Barcelona. Between the Laliga Giant and the now 32-year-old Gaboner seems to have sparked immediately: In his first six inserts in the red-blue jersey, the attacker already met five times.

“He’s good in the penalty area. He is ripe, intelligent, modest and positive. I am very satisfied with him. The goals will give him self-confidence,” Xavi voted after Aubameyang’s three hits against Valencia.

The coach is likely to hope to benefit from the “BVB-Connection” more frequently from the “BVB-Connection”: Even the already sorted Ousmane Dembélé, with which Aubameyang in Dortmund had harmonized almost perfectly in the 2016/2017 season, pointed to his ingenious Joker Use against Bilbao, with the chapter Barcelona have long not been completed.

Incidentally, Aubameyang was not the only winter transfer, with which the officials around President Joan Laporta were equivalent to President Joan Laporta: also 55-million-euro man Ferran Torres (came from Manchester City), the powerful wingflitzer Adama Traoré (with a purchase option of the Wolverhampton Wanderers Launched) and returner Dani Alves slouched directly.

It seems that the foundation was laid for a better future at FC Barcelona.

Heiko Lükehus

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