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If you would interview football fans after the most exciting player of Borussia Dortmund and exclude Erling Haaland as a means of answer, a supple majority would probably answer “Jude Bellingham”. The 18-year-old is athletic service provider and “crowdplaser”, ie crowd pleasure, in personal union. Because he grasps, runs, goals shoots. And because the Impulsive Englishman does not always speak the fans’ ideas of their team sometimes through his emotion outbreaks on the square from the soul – even if he sometimes an internally approaches.

But where does this extraordinary young man take the self-confidence to create partly with counter- and players who could be his father? And where is the very special class he already embodies footballery?

As a child, Bellingham looked at his policeman father at the goal shoot

Both originating in Birmingham, this city, which was still marked by its industrial past, in the center of England, who was set by the British TV series “Peaky Blinders” – about the rise of a roadway – a cinematic monument. Bellingham grew up there. There his father is Mark, in the main occupation policeman, an idol of the so-called non-league football, the English amateur football. More than 700 Goals Mark Bellingham scored in his 20-year career – often the small Jew on the side line and so-called these authentic as often rough football world.

Click made it comparatively late. At the age of six, the little Bellingham himself began to kick the ball. From then on, it took only ten years before he completed his first professional game for his home club, the second division Birmingham City – as the latest player of the former club history. “My game reflects my origin,” Bellingham once said in a short film of the playman EA. “It’s the style of the working class, because my game is based on energy and hard work.”

There are no empty words, putting them around in every game. For that, the fans in Birmingham still love him today – and for that he is worshiped by the followers of BVB, which registered attentively that he said after his change to the Ruhr area: “I want to feel that I’m a part of the city, not Only a part of a football club. “

“Jew was very ripe, confident and strong when he came to us from Birmingham,” said Dortmund’s license player Sebastian Kehl last summer after the first year of the Youngster in Dortmund. “But I find that he has taken an extraordinary development with us again.” His playful progress was foreseeable, so BVB was only ready to pay the gigantic sum of 25 million euros for a teenager from the second English league. But the speed of his development from a hopeful junior player to an absolute power carrier, which then surprises. At least far away from the home.

Storm and urge on narrow ridge

In Birmingham, on the other hand, you expected it. So at least it sounded in the fall of 2021, as Simon Jones, the former chief scout of the BCFC Academy, said, “Jew would have been successful at all, no matter what he had chosen. He has this inner drive, this hunger, this purpose, in everything he does to be the best. ” And you see that if he acts on the square as if he wanted to win the game al1. Then he digs the opponents behind the opponent, switching and trying to achieve the goal at the front. Teenager storm and urge. Not always tactically clean, but for the viewers almost irresistible.

Also Marco Rose, who came early on the most frequent and little consistently occurring BVB in his first year in all Cup competitions early on, wanted last more players from the Bellingham sort. The ridge, however, on which the youngster is changing, is sometimes narrow. Because that, for which Rose appreciates and love him the fans, does not always get well with the players. In Glasgow, for example, he continued to complain about the words in the much older Nico Schulz, shortly thereafter in Augsburg Top Talent Yousufa Moukoko to feel the displace Bellingham.

Jew is a courageous boy. A daredevil, the limits lodging.

Michael Zorc

His most recent behavior should also be due to the dissatisfaction about the previous season. It does not matter completely. Because Bellingham was never anyone in his existing Dortmund time, who took a leaf in front of his mouth. When the Dortmund met him in the fall of 2020 to his first interview in Germany, he told the self-confident sentence, he was no longer an apprentice. “Jew”, Dortmund’s sports director Michael Zorc said a year later about one of his most notable transfers, “is a courageous boy. A daredevil, the bounds outlook. But he makes his words also follow his words.”

Bellingham – a man for the captain office?

In addition to the mentioned Haaland, Bellingham is the most valuable players in the current BVB squad. Still until 2025 his contract is running. Nothing now suggests that a quick separation could take place – even if he is no longer an insider tip in the industry. Of course, there would be a market for the English international, but Bellingham should become an important part of the upcoming change in BVB with its footballing quality and work ethic. Especially if he develops further as fast as before.

For truth also belongs that on the way to the team captain, which the ex-Dortmund Thomas Delaney sees in Bellingham is still a bit. But who wonders that with an 18-year-old, who almost always does not always make everything right.

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