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Holger Stahlknecht, President of the Football Association of Saxony-Anhalt, has sharply criticized the external impact of the German Football Chamber shortly before the choice of the new DFB tip.

“You could almost assume, the prosecutor can soon take a second home in the Otto-Speck-Schweise,” said Stahlknecht in “Deutschlandfunk” in the face of the renewed raid at the DFB last week: “You can not scare that either. I hold it That is devastating from the image impact. “

The former Minister of the Interior of Saxony-Anhalt (CDU) in the future calls for more communication and transparency in the DFB. Making this is the task of the new president.

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But the task is not a simple, so steel nude: “The last two presidents had a short half-life and have been publicly shredded by media. And so that’s almost a skirmish command, if you are applying for this office there.”

The DFB chooses a new president next Friday (March 11) in Bonn. Bernd Neuendorf, President of the Football Association Mittelrhein, goes as a favorite against Peter Peters to the race. “With us, the trend towards Bernd Neuendorf goes,” Stahlknecht said. The election campaign was managed by both serious and professionally.

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