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At the beginning of the year, Ubisoft unveiled its reboot project from The Settlers : this new version of the real-time management / strategy license must resume the emblematic mechanics of the first opus (the management of A province and strategic battles in real time), but based on the latest versions of the developer’s SnowDrop Engine.

We remember that the game was the subject of a beta test in January and had to be launched this March 17. In a note published on social networks, Ubisoft nevertheless announces the release of The Settlers at a date still undetermined.

According to Ubisoft, the closed beta was an opportunity to “collect testers’ comments on the current state of the game” and it clearly comes out that “the quality of the game is not in phase the vision of the team of the team. development “. As a result, the studio “made the decision to repel the launch of the game at a later date.” According to the developer, this “extra time will be used to improve the game”, while the quality remains “the main priority” of the development team. More details will be communicated in due course, and by then, we will wait.


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