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With Manuel New, FC Bayern owns one of the world’s best goalkeepers in their own ranks. The staff situation is much more exciting behind the Munich number 1. While Alexander Nubel is awarded to AS Monaco, Sven Ulreich is currently available as a deputy. Meanwhile, rumors come up again on a possible interest in Stefan Ortega. How does the Bundesliga Primus plans between the posts?

Actually, the goalkeeping situation in FC Bayern is clear: Manuel new is the number one and will remain for years.

Currently the 35-year-old is bound to the club by 2023. Behind the scenes, however, a long time is said to be probed via an extension of the cooperation. According to “Kicker”, FC Bayern wants to extend with newest by 2024, other media wanted to learn from a possible working paper by 2025.

Future from Nübel and Ulreich at Bayern open

Uncomfortable, on the other hand, is the situation behind later. Actually, Alexander Nübel is scheduled as a future Stammkeeper. But the expected contract extension of newer would have a direct impact on the 25-year-olds. Finally, the former Schalke would have to be patient in this case longer.

Actually, Nubel wants to take over after the end of his lending at the AS Monaco in the summer of 2023 at FC Bayern. The fact that the former U21 national player goes into waiting for another year is possible for the “kicker”. Should renewen renewed by 2025, but would be a bit away.

“What I can not imagine is to come back and no longer games,” the keeper betrayed the expert magazine last November.

The athletic future of Sven Ulreich is still unclear at FC Bayern. The contract of the 33-year-old ends after the ongoing season. In the absence of the new knit injured at the knee, the Routinian recently convinced. Nevertheless, it is questionable whether the Bundesligan will continue cooperation with Ulstreich.

Does the FC Bayern be Bayern for Bielefelds Ortega?

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The reason for this are the ongoing rumors around Stefan Ortega. The final person of Arminia Bielefeld can change the club in summer. According to information from “Future Image” and “Kicker”, FC Bayern offers an obligation of the 29-year-old.

Last summer, Orga allegedly said to the German industry prime, to continue playing regularly. Whether something has changed at this attitude in recent months is open. Athletic, Ortega would certainly be a profit for the Munich goalkeeper-riege.

After all, the Bielefelder in this Bundesliga season defends to date 72.9 percent of the opposing goals. For comparison: Manuel New comes to 70.3 percent in this statistic.

In addition, Ortega opposite Munich’s current number has two Uleprich footballing benefits, he is considered the ball at the foot as a strong goalkeeper. However, FC Bayern would have to grab the pocket deeper for the former 1860 professional. According to the “picture”, Ortega calls more than the two million euros annually, which Ulreich is currently deserving.

A perspective successor for newer would be Ortega in the face of his advanced footballer age on top of that.

FC Bayern must make important decisions

Fact is: so or so the FC Bayern stands in front of a complicated goalkeeper puzzle. While in the election between Ulreich and Ortega ultimately “only” is about the medium-term number two, the future is Nübel’s particularly explosive.

It has long since its change to FC Bayern is critically seen by many observers. “Neuer and is there, on an absolute top level, he could not replace it on the foreseeable future,” explained the Munich goalkeeper legend Jean-Marie Pfaff at the end of January.

In the coming weeks, FC Bayern must make important decisions. The possible contract extension with new could be the first dominoes.

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