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In this entry-level guide to Gran Turismo 7 you will learn:

  • Why menus and licenses are important at the beginning
  • What it has with the collector’s level
  • How to set the difficulty of races on you

Gran Turismo 7 is significantly harder for newcomers in series compared to other current racing games such as Forza Horizon 5. For unlike the Racer of Microsoft, Gran Turismo 7 is the focus of simulation-grazing races and the prerequisite that you bring a certain love of cars.

Therefore, you should help you the following tips and explanations in the beginning easier to get into the gameplay loop and to build fast first racing success .

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Menu vows: The red thread at the beginning of Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 does not offer classic story mode ** and no Open World like Forza Horizon 5, where exploration of the game world makes a large part of the motivation.

In contrast, the focus is completely on individual races and competitions that wins their ride and best to earn money to increase your collector’s level and gradually unlock new and better cars ** or tuning parts.

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However, if you get started with Gran Turismo 7, then the so-called menu voys are great help to happen. The game automatically leads you to this point in the context of his tutorial . But it makes sense to spend the first hours with these.

The menu boards are a collection of tasks and challenges , about three specific cars in races to win and so on. That will not only help you to always have a clear goal in mind, but you also gradually build your fleet.

Target the license checks early on

The license center in Gran Turismo 7 is also a important anchor point at the beginning . Here you buy the B, A, International B, International A and Super License in different exams.

The first advantage of these licenses in Gran Turismo 7 is that the tasks are currently for newcomers are helpful in order to expand successful races at all and do not swings to the destination as the car coot from Band to gang. The individual lessons bring you step by step as you brake correctly, curves take and so on.

At the same time, you will switch new routes and Co. free with every purchased license. But Attention: You can complete with gold, silver or bronze in each test. And even if it can be attractive and motivating to strive after the best time to achieve silver or even gold, Bronze is completely out of the end to get the license.

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So do not consider with each individual exam if you do not make it partout to get the better time. Gran Turismo 7 allows you to repeat the tests later at any time if you may have more driving experience.

Collector’s level increase for better tuning

While the menu voys and licenses can represent a certain red thread and motivate greatly, the collector’s level in Gran Turismo 7 is a important gameplay factor for your success.

With every new car that will clearly clear, this increases – that goes very fast at the beginning, but later takes a little longer. But what is the collector’s level at all? The higher your collector’s level is, the more or better parts you can buy in the tuning shop, which leads us directly to the next point.

experimented with tuning and wagon settings

At the beginning of Gran Turismo 7, you take place behind the wheel of a small car, which is of course unsatisfactory for a racing game. Only later, with enough credits, unlocked licenses and Co. you can ** gradually face the true sports cars in the garage.

Saves you to your credits rather , instead of looking for another glitter instead. On the one hand, you switch over the menu vows anyway a few cars free, on the other hand, you can still pick up your small car in the tuning shop.

So testing a bit around which parts improve which performance – this will show you Gran Turismo 7 before buying. In addition, the game allows you to shoot before each race at the fine tuning , whether changes to the differential gear, on the suspension and so on. So dares to play around a little.

Wizard for your skills

At the beginning of Gran Turismo 7, the racing game asks you how you would like the difficulty and depending on whether your “simple”, “normal” or “difficult” chooses, the Ki-riders act more aggressive or harmless, but The auxiliary systems also fall differently.

Gran Turismo 7 support you on request with almost everything – accordingly, the car slows down from curves, even if you still gave full throttle or there are even steering aids so that your fault is rooting about the slopes.

Since Gran Turismo 7 is more of a simulation and less arcade racer , all these assistance for newcomers are quite useful for the first races and playing hours. But even if you have met the choice mentioned at the beginning, you can determine the assistance very precisely before each race.

Do you want to steer brake help, but yourself? No problem. Or you will let you show the ideal line as well as hints when your brakes should be done while everything else is disabled. The options are manifold here and therefore the help is used at the beginning to collect experience and ** then switches them gradually, when they will be better.

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