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Dungeon & Fighter (hereinafter deonpa) a firefighter who starts every time you fall into a crisis. Surprisingly, not only to rescue the game from the crisis, but every time you stand on the mound even allows for a new heyday. If the meeting was once two hours Parry funny, once promised information, how very talkative Fire yunmyeongjin the Director General observed that somehow.

Yunmyeongjin itgido Director is responsible for the main director of mobile deonpa be released in the coming 24 days. He is even now working to return to deonpa Executive Director position all along committed to deonpa mobile production. Yunmyeongjin famous genius of the director to communicate as directly proceed with wooden wiki content on YouTube, what alternative does the response obtained from the user?

a moment of crisis appeared relievers

Yunmyeongjin director joined the Neople the last time in 2008, three years deonpa naonji. Azalea developed deonpa after he climbs on the content director digits that can be developed to represent the growing deonpa Development Office mounted directly, ie deonpa in about six years. Note I reached the house director one year later, in 2015 nyeonen, the count is a conglomerate enterprise taxonomy gave company executives in eight years in Neople belongs to.

However, 2014 was not good Spirit In deonpa position. Such as balance and economic character, user opinion because time had reached the worst. In other words, yunmyeongjin director collapse, including the character and economy got off balance at the time, the user can decrease was literally seconds slope, etc. should also restore public course deteriorated to the extent that can not deteriorate further.

Surprisingly yunmyeongjin director has achieved the performance to get the second heyday of deonpa in these adverse conditions. Balance also been fixed as fast speed, flagship character has succeeded in temporarily stabilizing, albeit a game growth structure was to rely on while charging only overcome the limitations of the lack of content to it’s turning a game that was enough structure in the direction of fostering many characters. He also improved gold price fluctuations tending item.

Of course, he did not perfect in every way, but based on the cloves with deonpa until now can be maintained is obvious.

Master of communication

The fact is that if users are buying the highest part deonpa former director to director yunmyeongjin course compared with the other game director, played a close communication with the user. Simply basing your face handageona announced over the opening meeting, the direct share about ordinary conversation with a user enters into the game. Also enjoy the self-caricature going on in the process, and it is not capable of cursing a game in which they are developing.

Descendants Of The Sun Behind The Scenes

In particular, the last deonpa Festival 2021 was also released without any acceleration of their play experience. Inde its contents are exceedingly spectacle was but the game hard for three months out and do not want weapons complain tell the user that was awarded the bullies, and ascribe the raid did not get the game to eat well insulted me the user out of the disappointment of the game haetdanda few days even collapse. Even that is also undergoing a mistake ll shoot it blow up important items to remove items date to the hazy wind. Of course the news are users were very excited.

Even on Youtube one month ago, I posted a video to peruse the documents up on Wiki Tree. This was the measure of the edited video as much as I read deulyeoseo move the ball one hour, and balhigido new and small meeting stance on various events. Toward the end of the self-help it was also said frankly naebaetgi mixed reaction ‘game is a little weird. ” Shem was a director rather than building a close image of the friendly host the broadcast.

his new production capability will be evaluated through deonpa mobile

Yunmyeongjin director took the place of the general director of supervision of all games that use IP deonpa from August 2021. He produced while focusing gimseonguk to the director behind deonpa Mobile passed the place in 2017, will also throw back end PC Faro. Indeed even fun, is back again the timing is not very good.

However, after evaluating his appointed it is a good situation, so hard to compare with the old. To current operations are being evaluated that good, it looked even better with the look harder than ever to communicate deonpa other gamers. Of course, the official returned after less than a year in the last foresight, because it is an indicator of the new assessment are not yet properly before being released rhetoric is too early to judge the atmosphere so far is good.

Meaning in the sense that the director has to yunmyeongjin deonpa mobile is quite large. First, because he is the first opportunity will be a new showcase in place of the director, under whose production capacity is as much as the game was to be published prior to the appointed Executive Director more directly assessed. Coming is the reason that the more mobile deonpa expectations coming in 24th.

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