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On March 2, Japan, Liat Games announced and distributed Episode4 ACT2 of 5V5 Tactical Shooter Valorant. The patch 4.04 delivered today contains a lot of content of the Japanese agent “Yor” rework and community battle paths, as well as the controller corrections and the selling of new skin sets.

In ACT2, the introduction of new maps and new agents is considered to be considered and balanced with existing content. The whole patch note is here.

# Yor “Next is Germany”

After all the highlight is Yor’s rework. The fake out that was just a footsteps is reborn with a Dekoy who has been in Yor, and the enemy will activate the flash effect by destroying this. Gate crashes can put teleports in the portal as fake sound, and you will be confused. Please check here for other Jol’s rework.

# Other Agent Correction

In this patch 4.04, the controller (smoked role) is mainly corrected, and Astra will finally become weakened. At the same time as the maximum number of stars decreased from 5 to 4, the cool down of most of the ability to include star collection was extended.

On the other hand, the development speed of the Dark Cover (smoked) and shroud steps of Omen’s Dark Cover (smoked) and shroud steps is faster, and a large number of adjustments have been made, such as a 50% increase in toxin consumption by the combined use of Viper’s toxic screen and cloud poison.

# Acent Ice Box Renovation

In addition, the position of the Ultimate orb installed in the B main of the acent’s B main as map adjustment, and the B site of the ice box changes its appearance. Although it was a site of retail premise so far, it was adjusted to make it easier to withstand the defense side and the attacking side is easy to stand after installation.

# Community Battle Path · New Skin Set

This battle path created based on the Meals born from the “Valorant” community around the world includes many unique items, including “#saveWidejoy” where the world has become one of the world.

Also, in the store, the Geias Vengence set appeared. Finisser like fantasy that appears in mythology, and close weapons like, attractive. It appears in the store for two weeks and can be purchased at 7100VP.

“Valorant” is currently underway in the official site / EPIC Games store.

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