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Phasmophobia Guide: How to Correctly Use a Crucifix
Phasmophobia allows players to enjoy the thrill of horror games with their friends. While players embark on their ghost hunting experience, they have a wide range of tools. One of them is crucifix.

Crucifix can be one of the most vital tools of the game if you know how to use it properly. However, just like many other things in the game, the game does not explain to the players the importance of the tool. Timing is the key when you want to use the crucifix. Indeed, once the ghost enters its hunting phase, the crucifix becomes virtually useless.

However, if you know the part in which the ghost is located, and if it has not entered its hunting phase, you can place the crucifix inside the room and that will prevent it from entering into His hunting phase and attack players. If you do not know when the ghost is in his hunting phase, a good way to understand it is to look at the lights. If the light starts flashing, it means that the ghost has entered its hunting phase.

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