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He was there, it did and the medals were fetched – last month Streamer Tyler was “Tyler1” Steinkamp’s first LEAGUE OF LEGENDS player, who ever completed the Challenger Gauntlet with five roles after being the first place as a support had reached. You would think that you would like to take some time after such a performance to think about relaxing and probably resting your battered carpal tunnel. But Tyler1 plows and grind as hard as always and is now on his support account among the top 50 players on the North American server.

Tyler1s “Cookiemonster123” account is currently (at the time of writing this article) place in place 47 the Na Bestlist, which meets it with some of the best players and professionals of the continent of the LCS.

90% of its games in this account were as support, and although he has previously blown up the role as too easily, he will not slow down. Although Tyler1 has completed his challenge a good week ago, he has still played 125 lol games in the last seven days, his op.gg page.

While this contains some cheeky Draven-Botlane games (we speak of Tyler1 here), the vast majority of it still serves as a support and shows that he is either still wondering to completely master the role, or that he is like that Fully exploited easily (if one believes in his analysis of the role).

These last games spent mainly about his three main support picks from this season: Nautilus, Pyke and Karma.

Of course, Tyler1 wants to see how far he can climb upwards as support in the LOL ranks this season. Obviously, the praise has a challenger with five roles, his hunger is not satisfied after sweet, sweet LPs.

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