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If Twitch-Star Pokimane is not exactly watching their viewers or giving away a Tesla, then she is strong for her colleagues. For the unofficial Streamer Awards of Twitch Stars Mayahiga and Qtcinderella, which will take place on March 13th, Pokimane does not advertise for itself, but for her colleagues and rivals XQC .

That the Canadian-French Streamer, who is actually called Civil Name Felix Lengyel is in the race, should not be surprised by anyone: with his gigantic crowd of followers and spectators and above all with his constant streaming behavior, in which he barely days away from the Spend Streams, he belongs to the most successful personalities on Twitch.

No other streamer comes to XQC, find pokimane

Of course, this is not passed on Twitch-Star Pokimane: _ “I think there is simply no one who can keep up with XQC at the moment. XQC is on a different level over almost all streamers, as far as hours, variety and community is concerned You even read from his spectators. It is the madness. “_

Pokimane Gives Her Spicy Take on The Streamer Awards ????
Despite XQC’s considerable performance, the choice for Pokimane did not even think so easily. Streamer Mizkif was an option for the 25-year-old: _ “I have to vote for XQC. It’s hard because I feel that it was Mizkif’s year. If I could, I would [my voice] give.”_

What is behind the streamer awards?

As already mentioned, the Streamer Awards are not an official event of Twitch , but are aligned by the streamers Mayahiga and Qtcinderlla. The actual show will take place on 13. March instead of awarding a total of 27 categories prizes, including the best Battle Royal or Vtuber Streamer.

Until 6. March everyone can vote on the official website of the awards for his favorite entertainers. For the streamer of the year, Sykkun and Ludwig are also nominated away from XQC and Mizkif. After all, Pokimane has qualified for the Legacy Award, while Amouranth finds little surprising in the category “Best ASMR Streamer”.

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