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The FSV Budissa Bautzen has lost his lead at the top of the table. With 0: 2, the budges lost the top game on domestic lawn against the VFC Plauen, which thus takes over two rank of play-free FC Carl Zeiss Jena II. It was a deserved success very committed to occurring guests, the Grandner from a confusing situation out with his choping goal to 1-0 (16th). Plauen continued to go courageously, but the 2: 0 did not want to fall in the final phase: the substitute Nýber made the lid in minute 87. “We deserved the game. Nevertheless, the thoughts are already focused on the blast against the FC Red White Erfurt next weekend,” says VFC coaches Fischer.

And those Erurters presented their form at the same time – and how! With a 5: 0-edge victory, the red-white overtook the VFB Krieschow in the table. RWE set out like the fire department, central defender NKOA was after a corner with his head and the 1: 0 to the spot (2.). Until the break it was then an actually balanced encounter, after the 2-0 by NSIMBA (51.) – Mergel had previously conquered the ball previously – the Erfurter was finally on course and gained the clear opportunityplus. In a return, Kerasidis was then adjacent with the 3-0 (64.), Hajrulla worried at one of the numerous opportunities in margin of the 4-0 (79.) – the first gate of winter revival from Jena. For the 5: 0 final point, NKOA once again carried out after a quick-running free kick. Especially in the second half Krieschow brought no more foot on the ground – the defeat could have been quite higher. “Due to the second half, we can be very satisfied, we have also earned in height,” says RWE-Coach Gerber after the game. Erfurt, now also with 27 points on the credit side like Krieschow, jumps fourth.

No winner in the basement

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There was no winner in the basement duel between the FSV Martinroda and International Leipzig. The tail light from Martinroda had more of the game, Inter showed into a proper appearance in passage one too little and took his way to the draw. The leadership hit for the Leipzig glossy by penalty (13th), but Martinroda, before the break by Benkenstein zum 1: 1 (40th). In order – Inters Thiry saw the traffic light card in minute – Martinroda pushed on the lead, Leipzig-Keeper Djokovic, however, presented himself in high shape and held the important point for his team in the exam time. The Leipzig keep the counterparty at a distance and jump on relegation rank 14. Martinroda remains rank 18.

Also with a point went the table top last SV Arnstadt from this matchday. At the Bishopswerda FV it was ended 1: 1. The BFV was shown in the first half of the sound, which deserved 1: 0 guidance for pause worried cock after a corner by head (44.). The guests presented themselves after rewright how replaced, Scheuring placed on 1: 1 (51.) during the first few minutes. Shortly before the end, however, the BFV got the opportunity to the victory hit, but a penalty awarded a penalty. A deserved point for Arnstadt, which remains without defeat again – remains remained in rank 17.

A place in front of it is Wacker Nordhausen, which was the only Sunday game with 0: 3 on the FC at the Fahner Height. It was a sovereign victory of the fahner, whirling with his free-core to 1: 0 (15.), Kupke increased by head in the middle of the first half to 2: 0 (36.), for the powerful 3: 0 worried shortly after Restored Schindler (53.). Thus, the fair was read, from Nordhausen came too little. The result could have been clearer, but brings no positional change in the table – eight for the winner.

Already on Friday evening, the SG Union Sandersdorf and the FC unit Wernigerode did not go out over a 0: 0. Above all, the guests from Wernigerode, which have some very good possibilities -, among other things, the leather bang twice to the aluminum – had very close to victory. Ultimately, however, the FC unit himself brought to overnight – Sandersdorf’s Fritzsch saw a discussion-lasted yellow-red card (80th) – the ball not over the line and missed it so to book three important points on the account and the relegation places a good piece behind allow.

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