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FC Bayern Munich was a guest in the quarterfinals of the DFB Cup in Jena and was found before the game as a househous Favorite. In the Bundesliga, the two team separate whole 29 meters. After all, the Jena team could last the first victory of the season and hoped to offer Bayern Paroli in the Cup. In addition, it was the goal, much like in the first leg, long in stroke distance.

The Munich people had something against it and laid directly printer like game determination. After Zadadazil failed on the latte (8.), Bühl reached early in the game the highly deserved leadership for the guests: After a corner, the wing player stood properly and enforced dry to 1: 0 (9th). Also then the Bavarians were on the pusher and urged Jena far into their own half. Gwinn’s unexpected template, a flat long-distance shot, damnjanovic faked invisibly to the stitches (25.).

Damnjanovic dances three opponents

The Bayern ladies were far from switching back a gear. Instead, the pressure on the box of Schuldt was getting bigger, the Torfrau got the FCC with her parades first before worse (34, 35.). At Damnjanovics dream door, however, the Torfrau had no defensive chance: The striker controlled a long ball with his chest, sucked the ball again and enforced ice cold to the double pack in the right corner – in the narrowest room against three defenders (37.).

Immediately followed by Bühl, which punished a further inattention of the hosts and further expanded the lead (39.). The head goal of the FCC then worried Bayern defender glass, which a flank in his own sixteen untenable wasted and the up to date did not forcefully defeated (40.). Any comeback thoughts of the FCC stifled Magull, which could increase 5: 1 before the break (42.), but in the germ.

Jena Chanceless – Bavaria Continue in Torlaune

FC Bayern München - FC Carl Zeiss Jena | 9. Spieltag, 2021/2022 | MAGENTA SPORT
At the beginning of the second half, the Bayern ladies changed three times and took out some pace. After a corner, Kumagai used an invitation and fully freestanded four meters by head (55.). Although Bayern continues to take out pace, other results should follow: Adam faked a flank into their own stitches and expanded the leadership of Bayern (77.) – and slowly seemed to be the magical brand of ten hits in the air.

Jena received the Munich in his own half, but never really got access when Bayern women increased the beat number. The last two hits of the game contributed ASSEYI (83.) and Rall, which set the game with your Schlenzer in the right upper corner a worth considering endpoint (88.).

Thus, the Bayern ladies draw completely easily into the semi-final of the DFB Cup and also set a clear sign to the competition. On Sunday at 16 o’clock the eleven guests of Coach Jens Scheuer in Cologne, Jena welcomes the SC sand at 1 pm.

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