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On Wednesday evening it goes for the eagle carrier to the catch-up game at the SV Rödinghausen. The game is kicked off at 19:30 clock, the gates of the Häcker-Wiehenstadion open already at 6 pm. Due to the capacity limit Prussia fans are approved exclusively in the standing area on the back straight line, tickets are available there for the price of 9,00 Euro at the box office. On the “P2” guest fans are available free parking.

On the entire stadium grounds, the current Corona protection ordinance, the 2G-Plus rule (see below) and a permanent mask obligation. For those who can not be in the stadium, there is a free livestream on SportTotal.TV.

These rules apply in the stadium

  • Double vaccination and a maximum 24 hour old negative antigen-fast test result or at most 48 hours of negative PCR test result
  • Triple vaccination (“boomed”)
  • Double vaccination, which is more than 14 but less than 90 days (“freshly vaccinated”)
  • Positive PCR test and vaccination before or after the positive result (“vaccinated greeting”)
  • Positive PCR test, minimal 27 days, a maximum of 90 days old (“fresh greeting”)
  • All children and adolescents up to 17 years receive after the latest regulation without a detection of entry when they are either recovered or a negative test (max 24 hours / PCR test 48 hours) can present. Alternatively, complete immunization and / or recovery, which fulfill the 2G plus prerequisite.
  • It applies to a general mask obligation (FFP2) on the entire stadium area including the seating and standing places.

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In addition, an official photo card must be carried.

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