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The Olympic Winter Games 2022 in Beijing have been finished on Sunday with a big graduation ceremony. The international press is shown by the games anything but enthusiastic. In one way, the games are not failed.

The SID has collected the most important presses.


_ The Telegraph: _ “Bye’s bye and on Nimmerslicht seeing the most miserable Olympic games of all. China, the Uighuren, Walijewa and Putin – What a glorious carpet of winter sports should have been, was just a chandelier of scandals.”

_ The Guardian: _ “The winter games were absurd, disturbing and often exceptional. Thomas Bach gave an exceptionally optimistic assessment in the end. Because Beijing was 2022 in good as well as in the bad.”

_ The Independent: _ “These winter games will remain in mind, but not for the right reasons. From politics and human rights to doping to corona – Beijing 2022 leaves an acidic aftertaste.”


_ New York Times: _ “With the closing ceremony, China celebrates a joyless triumph. Beijing 2022 was limited by the pandemic, full of geopolitical tensions, sometimes stained again by doping allegations and overshadowed by the crisis in Ukraine. China has at The most controversial games for years despite all the timetable complied with. This is a success because at least a complete disaster was avoided. “

Closing Ceremony: Extinguishing the cauldron | Winter Olympics 2022 | NBC Sports

_ Washington Post: _ “The Olympic Games ends without the carefully converted script of China, sporting and technical high performance were paired with information control and the rejection of criticism. The Communist Party may be happy with the result. Who But had hoped the big event could lead China to an open and less repressive attitude, has little reason for celebrations. “

“Do you have the pan hot?” These were Germany’s Olympia heroes

_ USA Today: _ “The strangest, controversial, repellent Olympic games of our time are finished – completed by the outside world and accompanied by questions about human rights violations. It was bizarre 17 days. We never saw something like that. Games as a success values ​​just because they are not miserably failed. “


_ Gazzetta dello Sport: _ “Ciao Olympia, Italy is waiting for you! The Italian winter games 2026 will definitely have more soul than those in Beijing, where it was missing at Olympic enthusiasm.”

_ la Stamppa: _ “Beijing, Adieu. For the next winter games, we need a true mountain landscape again. Since Vancouver 2010, the Olympic winter games take place on snowy slopes in villages that were invented for the future. In four years We finally experience winter games in a real mountain area. “

_Corriere della sera: _ “Beijing has finished unique winter games, with a perfect organization. Now Italy has the task of preparing itself so well on Milan Cortina 2026. The Olympic flag is now in the hands of the mayor now Milan and Cortinas. “

_ La Repubblica: _ “From Beijing to Cortina: Italy is looking for new heroes, according to the champions of tomorrow. Beijing is already past, the future is called Milan-Cortina.”


_ New Zürcher Zeitung: _ “The 17-day noise is over. The Olympic Games have been a success product for decades. But in Beijing in the last two weeks in and next to the competition sites obviously that around the games much lies in the argen. They are struck how never since the highlight of the Cold War. Reforms are inevitable. “

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_ KURIER: _ “China is celebrating, but the sport must bear sadness. With the winter games, the country has finally risen to the great power in the world sports. But the Olympic spirit has finally volatilized. The IOC remains true to its line. The embarrassing phrase of ‘the best games of all time’ has linked to Thomas Bach, when Sunday the Olympic fire in Beijing went out. After all. “

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