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Movies and series of video games are truly nothing new. Qualitatively, from the hated Super Mario Bros movie to the relatively popular and very successful Witcher series everything. Now Amazon would like to go into the world of video games in addition to its own games studio. Recently, it has now been announced that you have bought the company DJ2 entertainment. DJ2 is a company that focuses on the adaptation of video games for film and television or streaming.

Who is DJ2?

DJ2 has so far made a name for itself in particular by the co-production of the Sonic The Hedgehog film. Also in the production of the continuation DJ2 will be involved. In addition, on the own website you have already announced various adaptations of video games, for example IT Takes Two, Echo or Tomb Raider. The company produces both series and feature movies.

In 2021, they had also been announced, both Life is Strange, which recently obtained a controversial Remaster support, as well as to implement Disco Elysium as adaptations. The foreseeable is not yet what concrete effects the acquisition by Amazon Studios have on the production of these projects.

What problems could there be?

Life is Strange TV Series in DEVELOPMENT + AMAZON DEAL

Also, a qualitative classification is currently impossible. Straight Life is Strange is likely to be an interesting experiment. Finally, many appreciate the game predominantly due to its history and characters, even if they can cause a certain external cham depending on the target group. The fact that the implementation of a narratively strong or popular brand can be very difficult, the Uncharted movie has recently proven. While this was completely solid, but by no means revolutionary or outstanding.

So there is undoubtedly the danger of implementing two games that are highly valued in more or less passionate form. But perhaps series like The Witcher or the Halo series show that we are at least no longer in the gloomy times of countless Uwe-Boll films. After all, no one wants to see Till Schweiger as an art teacher in Life Is Strange.

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