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For fans of Thief and Dishonered there could soon give new food. With Aberore, a new action RPG starts at Steam shortly, in which it slips into the role of a master thief.

Abermore: New Stealth-RPG looks promising

Abermore Announce Trailer | Coming to PC March 29th
Dishonored 2 is now more than 5 years old, the release of the last serious thief part is already nearly a quarter of a century. Fans of Stealth-RPGs and immersive sims do not just have these days easy to get new games at wasted.

But that could change soon! On Steam, the Action-RPG Abermore appears on March 29, 2022. In the game, she slips into the role of a mysterious figure, which is known in the eponymous city only as “The Unanged Man”. Your task: Prepare for a spectacular robbery within 18 days , which is titled “The Feast of the Lucky Few”.

With all the time you have a solid financial upholstery with all sorts of smaller rack and burglar, you can use a solid financial upholstery that you can use to purchase additional equipment and materials for your Magnum Opus. You can also accept orders from residents of the city and fulfill . These may then be as an ally later.

_Stest gameplay scenes are available in the official trailer: _

Watch Abermore on Steam

with magic for success

Although it is in your own interest in sneaking as quietly and secretly through the four walls of your victim and to escape best undetected – should still escalate the situation, you can also silence your enemies with weapons.

But that’s not all. Similar to Dishonored you are 14 magical skills available, which make your work as a thief and the fight considerably easier. So you can completely silent your foot steps with a magic.

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The developers also promise that it should be worthwhile for players to complete the Aberore campaign more than once. Each game run should be different from the last different and face new challenges. We are curious how the game arrives at the players at the end of March.

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