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The Russian figure skating driver Kamila Walijewa standing under doping suspected has landed a day after its owned Olympia in Beijing in Beijing in her hometown Moscow. The 15-year-old was received on Friday from a few dozen fans at Schanemetyevo Airport under Applause, bouquets were served.

OMG ! We Though that we landed in Moscow not Kyiv ! Pilot mixed up an Airport names

Walijewa, dressed entirely in black, nodded polite, but made a wordless and fast her way to the exit. Some fans kept tangled papers and banners in height. “You’re a fairy” or “Kamila, you’re such a smart girl” was to read.

In a sample Walijewas of 25 December, the forbidden metabolism modulator was discovered trimetacid. The sample was evaluated only on February 8 – one day after the victory of the Russian Olympic Committee around Walijewa in the team competition at the Olympic Winter Games.

After some legal hickhack and objections among others of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the World Anti-Doping Agency Wada, the CAS Walijewa diverted the starting permit on Monday under reservation for the individual competition. The short program on Tuesday Walijewa still finished rank one, after a lefly on Thursday with numerous patters, but she fell into four ranked.

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