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The switch is currently the reigning king of the handheld market – the steam deck will not change much. Can someone still offer Nintendo the forehead? Sony, it’s high time for a return of the PSP! Because the handheld was a real revelation for me then.

PlayStation Portable: Sony’s PSP was just awesome

When it comes to consoles, I have always dazzled more. As a small child, I fought on my Game Boy in Pokémon Blue through the top 4, as a young teenager, I swung myself as a Spider-Man on the PS2 by Manhattan and cared for my dogs in Nintendogs on the DS. To all these “players phases” of my childhood, I have incredibly beautiful memories, but not of the consoles, during school time, moved in the spell like the PSP ** – especially due to the fascinating technology!

While I had to satisfy myself on the DS with coarse pixel mat, the graphic on the PSP then looked crisp sharp and beautiful. How did Sony only managed to accommodate so much power in this tiny device? I was blown away!

A reminder of the PSP remains particularly good to me today: a whole school year long we always had two freed hours between the lesson. For my friends and me the following meant: A short trip to the supermarket to cover us with energy drinks and chips, then we made it comfortable in the school building. Each of us Zupted his PSP, started Call of Duty: Roads to Victory or GTA: Vice City Stories and tried to make the other. It was magical!

The handheld was my faithful companion and was even hold out during the short 5-minute break to fight for me by Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

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Better than a smartphone? The PSP was a real revolution

But the PSP not only served as a game console, she was a real multimedia miracle and almost something like my first smartph1. Thanks to WLAN I was able to surf over the integrated browser on Facebook and even watch Youtube videos with a few tricks. And who had appropriate conversion software and some “digital backup copies” of his favorite movies, could also draw them on the PSP and watch the way – the part was a real all-rounder!

With a bit of “software crafting” the handheld also made Super as a portable emulator. At least I have let me say that from a friend of a distant relative…

Also interesting: PPSPP: PlayStation Portable emulator for Android

The PS Vita was a flop, but that should not matter!

Around 81 million times the PSP went over the charging counter , on the other hand, the PS Vita was just sold 16.2 million units. But honestly Sony, that was your fault al1. The PS Vita had great hardware and cool features – but the most important thing has forgot Sony: the games! There was no single reason for us gamers to buy this wonderful piece of technology with OLED touchscreen, gyroscopic 6-axis sensors and touchpad on the back.

_Features without end, but really good games for the PS Vita were in short supply – you could already guess that in the official trailer: _

Why You Need a PSP Right Now - in 2022!
With a bit more commitment and perseverance, the PS Vita would have been able to hope for the best-selling husband. But what is not, can still become! So Sony, I ask you in the name of all PSP and PS vita fans: Do not give the fight against Nintendo . You have once proven that you have the stuff to measure you with the “handheld king”!

In the meantime, in the loft of my parents, I will try out my PSP again – the final boss of Crisis Core has been waiting for more than 10 years to finally get the face polished!

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