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After the third surprise coup against Bayern Munich, the basketballers of Niners Chemnitz now want to provide Alba Berlin a great fight in the cup. “They can wear warmly,” said the native Berlin Malte Ziegenhagen after the Chemnitz ligasieg against Bayern on Tuesday. Previously, the Niners had made the sensation against the Munich in the league and above all in the cup quarter-finals. Now on Saturday (19.00 pm / magenta) in the semifinals, the German Master Alba is about to believe. Previously, the basketball Lions Braunschweig meet and the Crailsheim Merlin’s basketball meet (16.00 clock).

“How many times have you been such a chance? We have worked on us and want to use them now,” said Niners Managing Director Steffen Herhold the magazine “Big”. It would be the preliminary crowning of an imposing development. Because only 2020, the Saxons managed to jump into the first league in which they expect faster than many. Meanwhile, the niners have long been on the way to qualify for the play-offs as the first East German team. The Mitteldeutsche BC has long since expired as the number one in the East.

The chemnizers go to the top Four in Berlin and thus as the best-placed team of the league. The Niners take the momentum from four wins in series and have left the competition. “You have a chance in the final tournament,” said Ludwigsburg’s coach John Patrick, after being lost with his team in Chemnitz Arena 56:74. “Just stay as you are. Plays your basketball. That’s great.”

Trainer Pastore makes very good job

One of the main thanks for the sporty upswing of Niners is coach Rodrigo Pastore. The 49-year-old Argentinean has been in Chemnitz in the Office since the summer of 2015 and has long since made a good name internationally as a Acwib worker and tactics fox. “His teams have a clear structure, and his tactical adjustments during the game are imaginative and precise,” said Stefan Koch, after all, two coaches of the year in the Bundesliga, in the “Frankfurter General Zeitung” the Argentine bald head with Italian passport.

A Cup victory (final, Sunday, 15.00 / magenta) would be the preliminary crowning of impressive construction work. But Alba will certainly be a heavier opponent in its own Halle than the coronage plagues and tired Bavaria on Tuesday. The Berliners will not underestimate their opponents in any case. “Chemnitz has shown why they play up at the top. They are very constant. It gets a heavy game,” said Berlin’s sport director Himar Ojeda. “You can not say that we are in the semi-finals of the favorite.” That sees the Chemnitz Ziegenhagen as well. “We are ready to get the thing. We never had more Bock.”

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