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“We’ve not brought the results we have introduced. But I am very far from losing faith in the team and our work,” says Korkut in the Club Icon Interview (Thursday issue). Even though Hertha is still siftless in the calendar year 2022, the football teacher installed at the end of November as the successor of Club Icon Pal Dardai promotes a differentiated consideration.

“There are positive approaches to which we should also orient ourselves with all the understanding and look for the situation: mileage, sprint output, number of goals – with all these values ​​it goes in the right direction. Lastly, the results have failed. Also If I know that the public discussion likes to be pushed in this direction, I clearly say: mentality does not miss this team. “

Kulkut Monored Start Drowsiness

A main theme – not only since the defeat at Unterthlicht Fürth (1: 2), where the Berliner had fallen back to the past Saturday after almost 30 seconds – for corkout, the little drowsiness to be explained in the starting phases of a variety of games. “We have too many moments in our games in which we are not awake and 100 percent alert,” says Kulkut. “We can not afford you.”

Adam Mulele zu Hertha BSC? Michael Hartmann als Ersatz für Tayfun Korkut? „Führungsspieler“-Analyse!

Corkutus, with seven points from the first four games manally started, is now a point of relegation platz 16 with Hertha. The coming opponents, RB Leipzig and the SC Freiburg, come from the upper third.

Despite the strained sporting situation and repetitive fault pattern, Korkut sees, who has only one contract until the end of the season, equipped his team for the relegation battle: “She has enough experience and quality for such a situation. She knows what it matters. We have to do it Canalize and get the resistance together in the place. “

At the same time, he appeals to cohesion: “It’s just a bit windy, but we stay together. The team lives. Nobody is there that makes me feel that he takes himself more important than what’s going on.” He sees himself with the experiences of his former coach stations for the next few weeks: “The situations from Hanover, Leverkusen or Stuttgart are not one to one on the situation here. But basically I know what to come to us and what is in demand. “

_IM Club Icon-Interview (Thursday edition or from Wednesday evening IME magazines) also speaks corkut about Marc Oliver Kempf and the other winter new entries, the squad, the role of South Serdar, the largest athletic problems, its leadership style and the difference between clarity and volume.

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