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Los Angeles Rams vs. Cincinnati Bengals Full Game Highlights | SUPER BOWL LVI
1. With the narrow 23:20 in the domestic Sofi Stadium against the Cincinnati Bengals in the 56th Super Bowl edition, the Los Angeles Rams after 2000 (23:16 against the Tennessee Titans) have their total second title in the Super Bowl era Won won.

2. At least two super-bowl victories come under the 32 teams only 15, so L.a. Fortan an elite circle. Leading at the top continue to continue the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers each with six triumphs on the very large stage.

3. Such a short line in Super Bowl has not been given since 2013, then the Baltimore Ravens had beaten Joe Flacco the San Francisco 49ers around Colin Kaepernick with 34:31.

4. Rams-Receiver Van Jefferson has twice a feeling high, once after victory in the Super Bowl and then directly afterwards in the hospital. His wife had been hospitalized during the final’s endpiece and released there.

5. At 40 years, Los Angeles’ Hauzeegen Andrew Whitworth was still crowned. Of course against his former team from Cincinnati, the offensive Tackle won the Super Bowl. A great end of a great career in which the Oldie has games in well over 200 and only 60 sacks in over 16,000 Snaps has approved.

14. February 202201: 04: 34 hours

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Enough. Out. Past! The NFL season goes to LA with a Hollywood ending ending and in the second year in a row, the winning team can leave in his hometown. Michael and Grille of the Sofi Stadium, as well as Kucze, Daniel and Remo have set themselves immediately after graduation and give you the fresh reactions to the biggest game of the year. What was in the end? What were the game scenic scenes? How is it going for the Bengals and the RAMs? Photo Credit: Imago / Zuma Wire

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6. Linebacker from Miller, who had come to the top-occupied Rams first in the middle of the season, reached two sacks against playmaker Joe Burrov in Super Bowl. After his triumph in Super Bowl 50 with Denver (2016, 24:10 against the Carolina Panthers), where he had also recorded two sacks, Miller is now the first player who has reached several sacks with various teams in Super Bowls.

7. Los Angeles’ coach Sean Mcvay is with 36 years and 20 days of the most recent Super Bowl winner coach of history, thus replaced Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin (also 36 had been at 27:23 against Arizona Cardinals in 2009).

8th. A great journey was this season for Matthew Stafford. After 16 years at the Detroit Lions and only three play-off participations (each direct defeats), the 34-year-old quarterback had opted for the Los Angeles Rams for the Los Angeles Rams – a gold decision: he did not only win his first end-of-round games in the end, but just Also the ring.

9. While the Rams celebrate their second Super Bowl victory of their history, the waiting for the Bengals continues again. The third Super Bowl participation ended for Cincy for quarterback hopes Joe Burrov unsuccessful – already 1982 (21:26) and also 1989 (16:20) the AFC-North representative lost the big final, each against the San Francisco 49ers.

10. Even if it was not enough for surprise team Cincinnati to the big litter, a phenomenal season is to beech – also for Rookie Receiver Ja’Marr Chase. With 1823 Receiving Yards, the NFL newcomer has in all games, including play-offs, as much as no rookie reaches before him.

11. Speaking of waiting: For the neutral football fans, she is now back, the longing for the beginning of the new season. The Super Bowl was in the last season with the first time 17 Regular Season games the 285th match. Now it takes a little more than 200 days, until the NFL opens her goals again and the RAMs is then hunted as an exercising title by all.

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