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For the Hamburger SV III, the ascent round train has probably finally driven off. On Friday evening, the reds of the FC Süderelbe with 2: 5 were rolled out abroad. While the Hommelf with now 20 points – but more than the competition – at least its minimal chance at the premature league preserved, has the third-party cast of HSV with two outstanding games, 17 points and a residue of five counters as good as no possibility more, Hopping over the stroke.

As so often already in this round, the HSV defense was not saddle-resistant. Süderelbe, which is strongly presented after the winter break, used this circumstance early to a double strike. First, Heinkel (11.) recalled a flank from the half-field for a few meters to lead. No 60 seconds later Camacho de Valdoleiros punished a wild false pass of guests in their own penalty area. Again only seconds afterwards the connection fell. BRendel (13th) sat down after a corner in aerial warning and shortened with his head – the closing point of a turbulent early quarter. Then it was a bit quieter. Who put on the compensation of the guests, but was disappointed. The FC Süderelbe remained game-determining, but missed a higher result before the break despite good opportunities. In the overall picture nothing changed in the second round, but Süderelbe now used the opportunities. Only Kömürcu swelled the game device for 3: 1 in the 48th minute, three minutes, he slows down to the double pack. For the final decision, after about an hour Camacho de Valdoliros, who also fueled a double pack. The HSV did not manage to clarify the ball to a standard and the 19-year-old promoted the leather from a short distance in the stitches. For some results cosmetics after all, Marcell Jansen also provided eight pointer turns before the end. On the clear swatter, which could certainly have been even higher, this did not change anything anymore.

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Aufwendig und geschmachvoll saniert in absoluter BESTLAGE von 21244 Buchholz Nordheide bei Hamburg !
On Sunday, the TSV Buchholz could have gone a big move towards the rise round, but underlined the SV Rugenbergen in front of a local backdrop 0: 1. The first half was driven towards. Twice only it became loud. After half an hour, Knobloch first hit the goal for Buchholz, but the celebrations were interrupted by the referee. This decided after intensive advice with his assistant: no goal. Shortly before the break, the Buchholzer Gammelk fought after header from Stirrmann. From the half, guests came back slightly more, but also benefited from a curious own goal. Wiechers (53.) slipped on the ballroom edge of the ball over the shoe. About Keeper Burmister, the ball landed unhappy in the bookstall goal. Ruugenbergen now had possibilities to twirl the victory, but did not use them. Nevertheless, nothing changed at the exit. Because the TSV woke up in the last ten minutes – ultimately too late to keep countable in Buchholz. At the starting position of homeland, however, nothing changes. With 22 points Buchholz continues to rank five.

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