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In a completely crazy first half, FC Bayern is performed in the football league of VfL Bochum phase. Coach Julian Nagelsmann is blowing with himself, Joshua Kimmich counts the team. Do you have to worry about the record champion?

Goals that are more special about VfL Bochum. Not only because they fall much less often than most other Bundesliga clubs, but above all, because their career is often close to the exaggeration to an art form.

Thomas Muller sets Bundesliga assists record: He never lets Bayern Munich down! | ESPN FC
Milos Pantovic about, who nails the balls with great preference from 50 meters or more on the chest of the opponent. For a change, he can also with wonderful luffers. Gerrit Holtmann does the things rather with pace and dribbling.

Against the FSV Mainz 05 he had so great joy at his work at the beginning of the season that he fumbled half the team in half the place to complete even sovereign. You actually say about Holtmann at the VFL that he likes to be something more effective.

Wilder temporary rush of the VfL Bochum against FC Bayern

How effective this Holtmann can be when he’s really stupid the embers who got the FC Bayern on Saturday afternoon. In a wild temporary candle, the climber threw in half one over the, now yes, completely overwhelmed record champions.

After 45 minutes, a 4: 1 (Final 4: 2) shone on the display panel. That’s twice as important.

Because at the beginning of this phenomenal football game the power had failed. No pilgs for the fans, no bratwurst. And no Herbert. The stadium boxes were silent. This also also Grönemeyer. No “Bochum” for Bochum. One can make people outside the blue-white cosmos probably only very difficult to understand what that is actually for a drama.

Historically weak half of FC Bayern

And then it was self-sharpening the impact of the result. At least four goals for Bayern in a half, which had recently caused Eintracht Frankfurt in the season 1975/76 (it was even five). Among other things, Franz Beckenbauer, “Kütte” Schwarzenbeck, “Bull” Roth and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on the field were for the Munich. 46 And half a year is that. You can see the historical dimension of this Saturday afternoon.

He had started for the Bochumer not only because of the massive electricity failure in the district of the Grument properly shabby, but also because of Robert Lewandowski (he achieved in minute 75 the 2: 4). The striker of Bayern pushed the ball after nine minutes and a shelf of Kingsley Coman short distance over the goal line, on which this time was Michael Esser. He replaced Stemkeeper Manuel Riemann, who had been positively tested for the coronavirus.

Even the Munich could not resort to their number one, Captain Manuel new was missing because of a knee op. Sven Ulreich took over for him. Small fun fact: The two goalkeepers of the record champion clearly concede more content than the complete squad of the VfL (tweeted by Christoph Biermann).

Worst seasonal performance of FC Bayern

Now you can take the Personalie Ulreich very quickly. And talk him about every blame. Unlike his leading people in the corners made by coach Julian Nagelsmann, the – small spoiler – was a fatal tactical mistake. The idea of ​​controlling the pace of the Bochum outer players did not go up at all. The Bavaria Aerbeiter, which was seldom seldom saw such a pale on his face, acknowledged to have to react earlier. “That was Grütze,” he was. A view of things. A quite deletable. Joshua Kimmich, the Bayern’s driver, looked the matter but different. It did not go to tactics. But mentality.

Actually, yes a topic that is home to Dortmund’s desperate pursuer (Chen) from Dortmund, which (that) is always very valuable against the record champion. “That was over the entire game our worst seasonal performance,” Kimmich cursed at Sky. “We have missed all the virtues. We do not happen to us for the first time in the season.”

An unmistakable memory of the surreal 0: 5 in Mönchengladbach in the DFB Cup. Everyone must ask himself, “if that is the mentality that the FC Bayern wants to embody”. Nagelsmann later heard it – and found that good. So good that this form of criticism came from the team.

A pack with announcement

They got this wild costume with the newly inflamed on cold coal, which first had previously shot more results against the Munich (in the legendary 5: 6 bankrupt after 4: 0 guidance), with announcement. Already the last training on Friday, well-known Nagelsmann, was really bad. Without tension. An energy buyer overnight? No, the lethargy remained preserved. An energy purchaser thanks to Lewandowski? No, in the short-circuited Ruhrstadion, FC Bayern gave rise to the circumstances with a disturbing appearance. It was a colleki failure from the defense until shortly before Lewandowski. The striker and Ulreich played in a serious constitution. But the rest? Traceable, faulty. The rooms behind the aggressive pressing players in floodlight blue were rarely seen and rarely recorded. Anders the Bochumers who had charged their batteries to the stop. Only five minutes after the 0: 1 the VFL kept the way he likes it. Holtmann opened from left perfect for Christopher Antwi-Adjej in the center, the wobbled Niklas Slee – in it, the thing.

Ironically, Slee’s in the future in the Bochum surrounding area, in Dortmund, working at BVB, and have been changing as many nice and fewer nice words over the past few weeks. But not over the defense man was spoken, the record champion has been on many levels of continuous topic for weeks in all chat rounds. From the grinding vaccine topic, about the Corona chaos, Erling Haaland, allegedly unfulfilled wish tarrow in winter up to Club Boss Oliver Kahn. Rest is no longer pure, in this club. Such braking up distinguishing character like Uli Hoeneß is missing. One who directs the focus. Also on. Sometimes with bizarre attacks.

Wild revenge for the first leg

Back to half: In the first leg, the blue-white after heavy ten minutes were completely collapsed. With 0: 7 they were badly assayed. No record championship grace for the freshling. So painful this result was, so much had changed the VFL. A turning point. Trainer Thomas Rice adapted the system, his team played more aggressive, more compact, faster. Successful. Whether this game changed something again? With now 28 points, the VFL is more than gorgeous. Even if the descent zone is only six points away. With this good feeling – and maybe also with wild revanche-lusts – there was no rabbit in front of the snake suddenly. But a predator that robbed the greedy Bundesliga reptile of any sense of superiority.

And what was then played between the 38th and 44th minute, that was at least absurd. Rather surreal. Only penalty for the hosts, the very weak Dayot Upamecano had the hand at the wrong place. Newcomer Jürgen Locadia arrived and met with conviction. The overture for the cultured madness “Anne Castroper”. Goals as works of art. Interpreted as a RuhrPottedition of the legendary Catalan Tiki Taka. Right defendant Christian Gamboa tunneled Kingsley Coman, got the ball pasted by Patrick Osterhage hoe and slammed the ball just behind the penalty area in the distant angle. Goals, they are more special at the VfL. But what is a party without Holtmann? Shot with the weak right, Schlenzer also in the angle. The stadium? Bows. 8500 fans except. Can enhance escalation?

A second knockout prohibits itself

It happened for the FC Bayern for now nothing. Not in the table. In the best case, the distance remains on the always stumbling BVB at nine points. That would happen if Dortmund loses on Sunday at Union Berlin. In the worst case, the pad shrinks to six counters. No occasion for panic, but probably for worry. Next week, it’s in Champions League in the eighth place against RB Salzburg, also such a team that has very fast offensive players. The last often very offensively established dealers with four midfield players and hardly hedging threatens the open knife. But a knockout prohibits itself. Free scope in the title ambitions of the Munich is no longer available after the cup-blaming in Round two.

“We have to be careful,” warns and warns Kimmich. “It has to do with the way we tackle the game. We are even 1: 0 in the lead and wars within 20, 25 minutes four goals.” And their artful perfection, by the way, is anything but the symbiosis of quality and coincidence, as Holtmann explains in the final plusloyer. “If you see what goals we shoot in training, it’s nice that that’s how it works in the game.”

In the end, by the way, Herbert still sang,. “.. double pass, every opponent wet, you and your Vaudus!”

Tobias Nordmann

© n-TV

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