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Thanks to an early hit and two more in the final quarter of an hour, VfL Lohbrugge prevailed against Concordia Hamburg. However, the result does not affect the decline and ascent round. Too great was the distance of the VfL on Cordy and the “rise ranks” already before the game.

VfL Lohbr├╝gge - Concordia Hamburg(14:00; 12.02.2022)

This constellation was due, both teams did not always walk with 100 percent of works. Striking also at the 1-0 after just five minutes. That went a big goalkeepatzer ahead. Cordy-Keeper Lattke straightened the ball after a return pass, at first he seemed to be able to wake his bock in one-counter-one with Pini, but Brkic recalled the margin. It was a tough game that offered only extremely rarely real highlights. After halftime, guests offered ways to compensate. Veselinovic failed, however, on the well-reactive brown. And Abrahamyan chased the leather made of feasible distance over the crossbeam. This should take revenge in the final quarter of an hour. Schauer (76.) First came from outside the penalty area a heart and promoted the game device with an arc lamp in the center. Five minutes before the end, Brkic was finally allowed to lace his double pack after a counterattack. Even if the 3-0 has no real effects on the table, the VFL could charge at least some self-confidence for the upcoming tasks.

Meanwhile, consequences for the relegation round would have had the encounter between the Hamm United FC and the Bramfelder SV, but the game had to be postponed on Friday night again after the homely reported another positive Corona case during the week.

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