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The first half hour was just played, when Mainz 05 went to the SC Freiburg in the lead. The game course was deserved. According to the policy, however, the hits could not have counted.

Curiously, the 1-0 was checked by Alexander Hack by VAR and stopped the check. In “Sky” referee Aytekin explained why the left-hand shot could not lead to a goal.

1. FSV Mainz 05 - TSG Hoffenheim 2-0 | Highlights | Matchday 21 – Bundesliga 2021/22

Aytekin clears incorrectly chosen focus: hand game instead of offside

“We actually checked the hand game. The focus was completely on hand game,” the Oberasbacher repeated first. None had never presented. Only: After the flank “the scorer was quasi in the away”. A new game situation was not given despite the previous intervention of Keeper Mark Fleekken.

“That’s why it was offside and the gate could not have counted,” Aytekin acknowledged the mistake of clear words. Finally, he reiterated that “the video assistant had the focus on this hand game” have and also the Freiburg players would have complained on hand game. Why had not been paid attention to the viewing of the pictures for a possible offside position. The clear Aytekin closed in his words: “It’s ultimately slipped… that’s annoying, but the gate should not have counted, yes.”

One always thinks, it can not be that something happens, but you already did such mistakes and can not explain afterwards, why.

Christian Streich

Aytekin received assistance from Freiburg Coach Christian Streich, who meant that “such mistakes” would happen. “One always thinks, it can not be that something happens, but you already did such mistakes and can not explain why.” Although the scorer stood so, “that it is logically away from the same way. But by saying that the hand has been checked, you have forgotten that.” That’s the way. “

Prank: “That’s how you do that”

Streich rather highlighted the role of the referee: “Mr. Aytekin can not do anything because he can not see that. I find it good that he has just apologized and, in a sense, put it for his colleagues.” That’s what you do. “

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