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Van Gaal Rede auf der Meisterfeier des FC Bayern München am 9. Mai 2010
She was “proud and happy,” said Karolina Lea Vilhjalmsdottir on Thursday to protocol after the Icelander had expanded her contract at Meister FC Bayern prematurely until 2025. Finally, she has already learned a lot “last year in Munich, I became stronger and grown as a footballer as well as humanity.”

In January 2021, Vilhjalmsdottir came to FCB, came to 17 compulsory matches, nine of them in the Bundesliga. While this season, this season was so far in the league only three applications, but in the Champions League but she last stood at the 4-0 against Benfica Lisbon in the starting and marked the leadership hit of the Munich.

Bianca Rech, athletic management of FCB women, is convinced that “Karolina is still a lot of pleasure.” “It’s great to see how Karolina has developed in recent months. She has an incredibly good character, and we look forward to the opportunity to continue to accompany you over the next few years.”

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