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Many people wonder how the tricks at Age of Empires IV are activated. However, Relic Entertainment has not yet enabled them. He warned weeks before the launch of this spiritual successor of mythical Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, making it clear that it is a function that would be implemented later.

Age of Empires 4 - CHEATS
Therefore, from “how” we go to “when” for this age of empires iv. Because yes, there will be tricks as always has been in the original saga of Ensemble Studios and who was also replicated in successive Definitive Edition of the trilogy.

Age of Empires IV: When the tricks will be activated

The key lies in the AGE OF Empires 4 Road Sheet. Or rather on what is not seen on that sheet, but they explained in depth their creators from its official page. Because there is a lot to come and the next big update we will receive this same spring, where they stand above all the tools to create mods . That there were always cool mods in the AOE.

But as we say, the key lies in what will be further in the spring, as Relic Entertainment makes clear that one of the points that has in mind is the Incorporation of tricks to Age of Empires IV . Because “it is part of the Legacy of the Age of Empires”, as they say. Although they are still trying options and seeing what elements they would fit in this chapter, not wet on a date.

So you know: first the mods in spring, later the tricks.


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