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Ibán Salvador is equatorialguinea at the Africa Cup of the Dishes Star of the Stark Outsider.

Bright pink hair, tattoos everywhere – and the call of a “rings”: Ibán Salvador falls up. But not only visually, the 26-year-old stands out on the square. From the depths of the second Spanish league surfaced, he mixes the Africa Cup with the stark outer converter Equatorialguinea and fights for the half-finals.

But who is the dazzling paradise bird in the team of the number 114 of the world rankings? Well, so far that seemed so many opponents to be a mystery. “We do not even know at which position he plays… left midfielder, defender…”, Malis Captain Hamari Traoré said the news agency “AFP”.

If you believe the FC Fuenlabrada believe, Salvador is a player who “always toothache” is “always toothache”. Since 2019, the offensive player for the Spanish second division has been running, even his stations previously led him through Real Valladolid across the Segunda División.

The experience helps him further. In Africa, “the football was very different than European football,” said Salvador, whose family is maternal of Equatorialguinea: “There is more contact, the game is harder, which I am used to be from the second league.”

Africa Cup: Does the Underdog manage to the semifinals?

So the Salvador born in the Spanish L’Hospitled also does not back in front of the big favorites at the Africa Cup: “We are afraid of anyone before,” he had announced at the Spanish radio station “Rtve” in the group stage – and provoked several times: 1-0 against defending champion Algeria, 1: 0 against Sierra Leone and most recently the victory in the eighth final penalty crimin against the number 53 of the world Mali (6: 5).

In the success story Equatorialguineas Salvador has played a big role as a two-time “Man of the Match”. His reputation hurries to him: for “El Picaro”, the Schlingel, stood in Spain often suspected to steer after contact with the opponent falls too theatrically.

His coach José Ramón Sandoval can not understand that: “He suffers so many fouls, it’s the purest hunt.” The Spanish newspaper AS is definitely certified Salvador “Great Intelligence when it comes to shaping the game temporally or quieter”. He is one of the players at Fuenlabrada “with the best technical skills”.

These are also good for equatorialguinea. For the selection of the country, in which around 1.2 million people live, he debuted in 2015 at the Africa Cup as the Underdog even reached the semi-finals.

That should work this time. On Sunday (20.00 clock), Equatorialguinea meets once again as an outsider on the Senegal. But fear did not the creep with the pink hair.

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