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Trainer Christian Streich vom SC Freiburg has pronounced himself against the introduction of playoffs in the Football Bundesliga.

“I find it well, the one who has the most points at the end of 34 games, too,” said the 56-year-old, “I can understand the thoughts how to make the league more attractive. But I find it So, as it is, most just and with the greatest significance. “

Streich nach Abstieg:
Most recently, Donata had brought hops, the new boss of the German Football League, K.O.-Games. Board Boss Oliver Kahn by Serienmeister Bayern Munich pointed to the push opposite. Also prank cleared that the current mode “not always the most exciting” was. But the lounger just because Bayern were “clearly better” over years and then the title was “deserved”.

On Saturday (15:30), the league of the league wants to be better with his team against FSV Mainz 05. “It’s going to play a very intense game. But what will not be,” he said, “That will make a real job of presenting us accordingly.” There is a lack of heating Keven Schlotterbeck after a positive coronate test.

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