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Niklas Slee leaves FC Bayern and changes to Borussia Dortmund for the coming season. The signature of the national player at BVB raises some questions.

Why did the record champion draw the center chest? Why did the 26-year-old decided for the black and yellow? What do the Borussen hope for the deal? And who is as a winner, who as losers out of the business? national player supplies the answers.

After five successful years, Niklas Slee breaks his tents from FC Bayern in summer and changes to BVB.

Niklas Süle zum BVB! Jetzt muss der FC Bayern reagieren | Transfer Special

In Dortmund, the national player signs a long-term doped contract until 2026. He will be sweetened to his signature with an annual salary of around ten million euros. The most important questions and answers to the transfer employing the Bundesliga.

  • Why does the FC Bayern draw Niklas Sule?

Had the record champion wanted, he could have stopped Slee. The salary claims of the central defender were appropriate and his services accordingly. Obviously, however, they are convinced in Munich but to get a better player at a similar price. An assessment that is quite associated with a risk.

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The national playering guide ultimately has come to the conclusion that Süle is dispensable. The view of the numbers, but this is only partially produced, after all, the 26-year-old is of all regularly used players with the best bouleth ratio (65 percent) and, moreover, one of the most secure players (92 percent) in the squad.

In the end, so it says, Hasan Salihamidzic and Co. should have doubtfully doubted at the attitude of the defense player. The unconditional dedication to the club, the often quoted “Mia-San-Mia “mentality did not see it with him.

  • Why has Niklas Süle chosen for the BVB?

The opinions are dealing with this question. Often, a change of Süles was written to the Premier League. Also Spain was in the raffle. But how big was the interest of foreign clubs really? Nothing is known about concrete offers. Much suggests that the foreign topic was made hotter than it really was. And if it was, Slee at the end had barely options – Dortmund was still the best.

At the same time, the national player was not completely convinced of a change abroad. He would not only have to give up his tents in Germany and the proximity to his family and his friends, but would also have been the risk of a national playering step. The chance on title is might be greater at Chelsea or Barca than in Dortmund, the risk of playing only a sideline, but also. This risk is calculable in BVB.

  • Why did the BVB decided on Niklas Süle?

Rather sooner than later, the BVB needs a substitute for Manuel Akanji. At the Swiss are the signs on farewell. And the future of Dan-Axel Zagadou is not yet a final clarified. In order not suddenly in summer with just a stimulated center defendant, Michael Zorc and Co. had to act. To do this, the Dortmund must also improve their squad in terms of qualitatively.

The decision per SELE was not alternative, but gives sense at all levels. The central defender is in the best footballing age, comes to the zirtal value and also fits in the budget in the budget. A competitive team for small money can no longer be assembled in 2022. This certainty has long since been widely located in Dortmund.

At the same time, Slee has proven for many years in the jersey of Bayern for many years that he can compete at the highest level. A quality that many of the other candidates have not yet proven.

  • Who are the winners and losers of the deal?

There is no loser in the classic sense at the DEAL. FC Bayern has the means to easily get a replacement. And if this replacement becomes more expensive at the end, then you take it in purchase. National are the Munich with or without Slee’s unobcriber. And internationally, they play with or without Slee every year around the biggest title.

The BVB may, on the other hand, feel a great winner. The club can not operate in the top shelf. In this, Slee may not belong, but the 26-year-old is close. Slee is not a talent that still has to tire. At the same time he is not a player who has his zenith in two years behind him. Such players are hard to get, especially at the zero tariff. For the Dortmund it was therefore probably the best possible transfer at all.

Sweetheart, on the other hand, has to slightly screw his expectations in Dortmund. With the BVB, he will not win at least one title every year. But that does not seem to be most important to the national player. It’s about a new challenge with a certain security. He gets this package with the black and yellow. Christian Schenzel

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