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After the huge hype in the preseason, BVB has become quiet for Yousufa Moukoko in recent months. Currently, the always injured Sturmjuwel struggled to the professional team, but the start eleven is still a good deal away. If it goes to Borussia Dortmund’s ex-professional Michael Rummenigge, a temporary farewell could be an option.

Just twelve mandatory games, Yousoufa Moukoko has completed the BVB in the current season. In the meantime, the 17-year-old lacked about seven weeks as a result of a muscle fabric.

For the exceptional talent, the forced break was a great setback, finally, in the absence of the multi-folded goalkeeper Erling Haaland, Haaland has certainly been the opportunity to operate in the team-internal duel to operate a place in the attack self-promotion.

In the opinion of Michael Rummenigge, who was active for Borussia from 1988 to 1993, Moukoko will soon adopt a fundamental decision.

Youssoufa Moukoko - All Goals of the 16 Year Old BVB Striker So Far
The German U21 national player must “answer a question in the summer,” wrote the 58-year-old in a guest contribution for the “Ruhr news”: “What do I need now for my development? I get enough use in Dortmund to get forward to get forward – Or possibly makes a lean to a club sense, where I am set. “

Rummenigge: BVB could be based on bayern bays

In this context, Rummenigge moved to a former star of Bayern.

“The example of Philipp Lahm has shown that a detour can make sense. The Bavarians lent the boys lame at Stuttgart, where he could tire and returned as a class player back to Munich,” clarified the native Lippstadt.

Also for the next few months Rummenigge had a suggestion ready. “By summer, Moukoko might help to drive two-track: exercise and short-actions at the professionals plus as much season at Borussias U23 in the 3rd league. There it is also robust to the cause, which is the highest Moukoko in its development Perfect to help, “said the younger brother of ex-Bavaria Boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

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