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Maxwell has led the Valorant team of G2 ESPORTS from the same time at which the Riot Games tactical shooter was launched. However, the player’s paths and the organization are about to separate. After being sent to the bench, the Spaniard has just been officially declared as an inactive member of template . Condition that has motivated those responsible for the Samurai set to allow you to listen to offers and that it could soon end up in a transfer.

Maxwell will continue linked to Valorant

The decision of G2 ESPORTS to dispense with Maxwell was particularly controversial between the community. However, the bet of the technical body has been ratified by the results. The samurai began the year with the need to qualify for the next EMEA Challengers , but they failed in the first of the qualifiers that played Spanish. Disappointment that was in anecdote when on the second chance you enjoyed in the last week were able to succeed with Keloid as a starter and the player’s franchise on the bench.

Until now there is no track of the future of Maxwell. Although it seems evident that he will continue competing in Valorant, he is still too early as to assign him possible destinations. It should be noted, yes, that IAI Llanos affirmed in a live broadcast that he had been aware of how the player’s situation evolved to assess the possibility that he ended up signing by KOI. However, there have been no news about it since the news occurred.

Throughout its passage through G2 ESPORTS, Maxwell has lived a Russian mountain. The team dominated during the premiere months of the game, but had problems ratifying the brilliant start when the official Riot Games competitions began. Its best time took place, without a doubt, at the VCT Masters 3 of Berlin , where the organization ended in an honest Top Four after losing against a Gambit Esports that ended up winning the tournament.

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