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Does the FC Schalke 04 lose one of his power carriers for the remaining 14 return matches? Allegedly, Malice Thaw is trained violently of two heavyweights of European football.

Malice Thaw is Schalke through and through. Even as a young teenager he wore the jersey of the royal blue. Meanwhile, the 20-year-old has arrived full of the pros and belongs in this season to the absolute service providers under coach Dimitrios Grammars, after Thaw had already completed numerous games in the relegation season in the second half.

The fact that the defender is currently making his work very much, apparently also perceived beyond the 2nd Bundesliga. According to information from Sky Italia, a prominent duo has the German U21 international on the list and even thinks about a winter transfer.

Specifically, according to the report, it is about the FC Liverpool and AC Milan. Accordingly, the series A-Club has already recorded concrete negotiations with FC Schalke 04. How far these are progressed is not said. Sure only seems that the club of Jürgen Klopp also wants to have a word. The Reds are allegedly a serious competitor of the Crossover.

Good experiences have already collected Kl opp with internal defenders from Gelsenkirchen. In 2016, the German Cult Coach Joel Matip from FC Schalke 04 to Liverpool, where Matip is still active.

Would Schalke 04 Thaw be handed over?

Whether Milan or the Premier League: should be a bit of the strong interest of the two top clubs in the rumors and actually stand a winter transfer in the room, the time is running incessantly for a change.

On January 31, the transfer window closes until then the deal should be handled.

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With regard to the rise battle for returning to the Bundesliga, however, it is extremely questionable whether the FC Schalke 04 would give the Thaw bound to the Thaw bound to 2024.

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