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Marco Laying will deliver its head coach post at FC Armenia Ludwigshafen in summer. The 43-year-old, who initiated the place last summer, wants to shorter, but remains to the top of the league in another function. Brewed is laying from his co-trainer Andreas Brill, which is conveyed.

The double burden of work and coach office at the Armenia has unfortunately become too big for me, laying is quoted in a message from the association. Both do not connect anymore, which is why he decided to take this step, so the coach of heavy hearts. But I will continue to stand by the team and Andy Brill, just no longer in the first row.

Although there would be a change on the coaching position, but which does not bring a big change for the players, insured laying. Andy is already very close to the boys turn, is decisively involved in the positive development in recent months, makes a giant job and will also succeed as head coach with the Armenia, laying is safe. I’m really sorry, because the work with this team made me great fun. But he was not completely gone.

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