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Cap com has delivered hunting action monster hunter rising PC version defect correction patch Very.

In this patch, if you start this work first, you will not successfully complete the save and correct the game that the game can not start. The player where this defect has occurred must be set for save data in advance.

1. Disable Steam Cloud and exit Steam

Right-click MONSTER HUNTER RISE from the STEAM client library,
Remove the check for [Properties]> [General]> [Steam Cloud].


2 Delete save data of the product version of the product version

Remove the remote folder in the following folder.

C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ Strata \ (User ID) \ 1446780 \

※ Please be careful not to delete incorrect folder.
We recommend that you temporarily copy the folder to another place before deleting.

3. Start the game and create a new save data

4. After the game, restore the check that removed in Step 1

5. Next time, select Upload to Steam Cloud in the dialog that appears when you start the game

Since matching in different game versions is impossible, updates are required to play online in the future.

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