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The Los Angeles Lakers lost the game against the Miami Heat at night on Monday, while LeBron James again laid a good game again. Following the 37-year-old talked about his offensive run and the scoring record.

James scored 33 points at the 107: 113 defeat against his former team, it was the 17th game in series in which he achieved at least 25 meters. This week, his co-star Anthony Davis is likely to return from his long injury break, but James wool does not stop scoring as he said after the game.

I do not have to hang up 30 per game, but I’m just offensive in one of the best zones in my career, said the four-time MVP. And I do not have to stop it with it. I feel fantastic. My throw is very good. Today, not everything went in, but every litter felt good. From the frewurflinie, from the field, on the ring, very efficient.

James raised 32.5 points over the past 17 games without Davis. I’m not going to play and say, I have to hang up 30 points, otherwise you guys have no chance on the victory. I just play the game. The scoring happens organic, said James, whose team of these games were only seven.

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About the season James now lays 29 points per game, only Kevin Durant (29,3) is just before him. As many points he has not laid up since the 2009/10 season, even in the minutes (36,7) he has been at the highest value for years. However, the high burden is not a problem, after all, when he had to save the franchise as he was driving from Cleveland, as James said.

Meanwhile, he is only 2,006 points away from the All-Time Scoring Crown, which has been held by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for decades. James admitted that he also motivates him this milestone, even if he does not hunt. While climbing up the list, it is natural to see and superior human, one’s own position, what is capable, James said.

Health is obviously the most important and the will to give everything. I never betrayed the game and never wanted to feel satisfied. I always wanted to improve. […] We will see what happens. I have never chased a record.

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In his current output and good health, James would have to pass to Abdul-Jabbar in the coming season, his then 20th playing time in the league.

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