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Bundesliga new face with 17 – and then just opposite Lewandowski. There are more pleasant tasks than those to Bertha’s central defensive talent Richter faced with. With the defense in the capital city he had to do from the beginning a lot, the champions made from the kick-off seriously. After a little more than 100 seconds, the ball was already in the Berliner Tor, Molasses hit but was cashed by the VAR for offside the Frenchman.

As a result, the leaders came almost every minute in financial statements, but always failed to Schools, the (9) against both Müller and against Woman (10, 16), Seine (12) and especially with a superb save from Lewandowski (20) on the post was. Just gradually got as initially intimidated Berlin in the game and the first time before New representations were Melodic (21), then earned Bayern leadership was it: The agile Woman took a cross in towards the head of compatriot Polish, which prevailed against Cardie – and this time the gate was one of the midfielder’s (25). For the second time in a row he caused quite the 1: 0 Munich.

boos at halftime

Higher it was initially only failed because the freestanding Polish missed the brace (33) and Schools again outstanding against Lewandowski parried (36). The upgraded Bavaria lineup – after the 4: 0 in Cologne came Hernandez, Sane and Woman instead Sanitizer, Rock and Musial in the starting lineup – crushed Bertha in the first round in phases with an extremely attack-minded 3-2-4-1, leaving only miss the ultimate consequence in the penalty area. Until shortly before the break. Then Müller could run in unchallenged for a shot but instead by Gimmick and 2: 0-establish Pausenstand (45) – Bertha was not on the level here.

Coach Taycan Workout had after the 2: 3 Cup defeat in the derby against Union during the week made four changes and next Richter, who represented the injured Stark (metatarsal), also Cardie, Park and Matilda instead Blunter, Acacia and judges in the starting ordered. But the resounding success of these measures did not materialize, at halftime reacted some 3000 approved spectators in the Olympic Stadium with boos.

Daria leaves the port are – Schools part violently

In the second round, the audience was actually the Porsche on the lips, but Daria awarded to cross from Mittelstädt the big shot at the goal back (52). Workout wanted to briefly builds momentum use and changed in three ways, including new signing came Jordan his Bundesliga debut (58th).

Really into trouble the champions but did not come. Even before Arias possibility Seine had (47th, 50th) and Gary (48) to set the record straight, then left again Gary (61., 62.) and Müller (66th, 68th) are the premature decision. Finally, the FCB needed again an invitation from the enemy to the last Berlin hopes to end finally at a point profit: Schools cross come to his own penalty too short Seine injected between and hit the orphaned gate (75).

Gary rewarded for final joy – Ekkelenkamps watchable consolation goal

Shortly thereafter, then even the very statements joyful in the second section Gary rewarded themselves. After Richter had recently defused yet its fine jack on the line (77), it made Gary shortly afterwards better and hit safely inside the far post (79 ‘) for a Gimmick Pass.

Bertha was at least granted nor the consolation goal: By its first action after Substitutes Upamecano fabricated to a short back pass, another substitute, Jove tic relief. The Come backer (back to calf injury) failed even to new, but it was only seconds preempted Ekkelenkamp into play, chipped the rebound volley over the goalkeeper and into the goal (80th). It was the most beautiful goal of the night – also because a beautiful goal from Seine was cashed shortly before the end because of a previous just outside the VAR (89). So the game ended as it had left off: with a disallowed Bayern Gate.

The leaders it should not matter, the FCB is still six points clear at the top. Next Saturday (18.30) it receives the top match RB Leipzig and Bertha plays by now three home defeats in a row on Friday (20.30 am) away in Bochum.

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