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The new Angry Birds is here: With the now 21st part of the popular game classic, the angry birds return to Android and iOS. Shortly after the official start, the free app Angry Birds Journey has already been downloaded millions.

Angry Birds Journey: New game for Android and iOS

When the Finnish developers of Radio Entertainment published the first Angry-Birds game in 2009, no one has expected that 13 years later the 21st part would go to the start. After TV series, two movies and several amusement parks, Angry Birds return to their origin. Angry Birds Journey is now available for Android phones and iPhones. The game itself is free to get , but offers how usual in-app purchases.

Nothing has changed at the game principle. Birds are counteracted by a slingshot the enemy pigs. The developers themselves call the app as a Relaxing Bird Scrum Puzzle . It is said to hold the own description after the funniest as well as the simplest Angry-Birds game of all time. The difficulty level, which is very manageable at least at the beginning, is already criticized in the first reviews.

There are Angry Birds Journey for Android:

Angry Birds Journey

Developer: Radio Entertainment Corporation

Free at Google Play

The iOS variant in the App Store:

Angry Birds Journey

Developer: Radio Entertainment Obj

Free at App Store

In addition to well-known characters, Angry Birds Journey are also new birds to choose from to keep players in mood. As had over 100 levels at the end. Unlike previous games, the developers have decided before publication for a longer trial phase.

More to Angry Birds Journey in the video:

New Angry Birds with good reviews

In the Play Store comes the Android variant of Angry Birds Journey to start 4.2 out of 5 possible stars . The version for iOS comes slightly better at fans, here the game can refer to 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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