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To have a successful farm in Star dew Valley depends on many factors. The right leadership of the farm, interacting with the inhabitants and above all the mines play a big role – sometimes in the negative. An example presents a player himself.

STARTED VALLEY: The curse of the mine

In Star dew Valley there are many ways to spend the seasons. Plants, fishing, celebrate festivals with the inhabitants of Pelican city and much more. But you really want to get forward in the game, you do not come around the mines around. There you arrive important ores, new equipment and other practical things .

If you want to be in the mines, there is much to note. If you are not rested enough and has no weapon, there is no chance to get far. There are numerous monsters in the mines. If you do not arrive against you, you are fainting, what can lead to the loss of different objects .

This also happened Reddit User Tomatomantm. He shares a screenshot with a long list of objects he lost in the mine. Below are incredibly valuable items , such as galaxieseles, emerald, mega bombs and his infinity blade.


The community suffers with

There is good news for Star dew Valley players. Dying, can you at least one of the lost items be repeated at the adventure garage – against payment. However, the community is in agreement: so you would not go to sleep and complete the day:

I would restart the day, says Reddit user buoyant potato.

Yes, I would not go to bed with this loss, Cellophaneflwr answered.

Doesn’t your Star dew Valley not yet? The game is also available for the switch:

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