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Was it that for Aaron Rodgers? Immediately after the unexpected playoff bankruptcy of the Green Bay Packers in the home game against San Francisco 49ers, the debate went to the future of the quarterback star in US television and social networks.

The pictures from the Lambeau Field delivered the frame. In snow faring with double-digit minus degrees, the 38-year-old football professional was slowly from the field after 10:13, several times the spectators looked at the legendary stadium and adopted with a rocker greeting before disappearing in the tunnel.

The fact that he did that after 17 years actually for the last time in a jersey of the traditional team from Wisconsin, is not as unlikely as it sounds.

Rodgers wants to take time


I’ll take time and talk to the people here, then take time and win the distance and make a decision before the Free Agency begins, Rodgers announced as he with black cap on his head his for the time being last press conference at the Packers gave.

His core message: I do not want to be part of a reconstruction when I continue to play. Is translated: If I do not see a chance for the next season again a chance for the title, it was. From the point of view of Packers coach Matt Fleur is clear: We certainly want to have him here again, we would be crazy unless.

Many contracts of important players run out, the scope of management is limited by the salary upper limit in the NFL. At Star Receiver Dante Adams, the Packers can theoretically draw an option, with other professionals, it is not that easy. The future of Equanimeous St. Brown at the Packers is open, the contract of the German-American ends after four years.

There will be many choices to make, many players whose future is unclear. It will be interesting to see in which direction some of these decisions fail, said Rodgers. I will talk to Brian (Adult art, General Manager, Note), next week or something more clarity and think about my own future and how much longer I want to do that.

Relevant at all this is: The relationship of the packers and Rodgers has been disturbed for some time. Rodgers said, although his relationship with manager good art improved last year – but that does not mean that it is good. Since the Packers at the Draft 2020 at the first opportunity for the young quarterback Jordan Love decided instead of a possible valuable helper for Rodgers in attack, there are atmospheric disorders. They went so far that Rodgers left open for weeks before this season, to play for the team at all. And that, after only in the season for the third time the most valuable player of the NFL had been chosen.

Rodgers and the IMF debate

And then there is also the thing with the Corona vaccine, which Rodgers refuses to be one of the very few NFL professionals. As it became clear in autumn that he had not been vaccinated against the virus, the public indignation exceeded those around Bayern-Profi Joshua Gimmick in Germany many times – because the people of Rodgers smoothed smoothly. Because even in August he had responded to a reporter question about his vaccination status: Yes, I am immunized. Because of his infection with the virus he missed a major running game.

Rodgers Popularity has inflicted the serious damage. And so it does not surprise that many people with their Jewish comments after the defeat on Saturday evening mainly worked out that Rodgers is not vaccinated. Less-loyal, but no less fact-based were the evidence of his yield in the 17 years in the packers with only a super-bowl victory in February 2011. And since then waiting for a return to the most important NFL game of the year, though the team Basically always to the favorites counted and played well in the main round. For a decade, however, there was always a disappointment at the end of the season.

Just as against the 49ers again after a game in which the packers had led five minutes before the end 10: 3. Maybe it was the last for Rodgers at the Packers. Or even in the NFL.

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