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Every time a new aspects line arrives at League of Legends is charged with numerous references and with some curiosity in relation to the True Lore of the riot Games or even other games or different works with numerous dances as Macarena with Blitzcrank or the Capoeira de Malphite . Well, the last set of skins has caused one of its characters to have changed one of the parts of it, or rather replicated to have two equal extremities. We are talking about lux , who in the last splashart of the porcelain aspects has had a fault in one of the limb.

As you can see in the image, we can see that the luminous lady has two right hands instead of a for each hand. While it is likely that it is a failure of the worker who has made this image, it is still curious that he continues to have this error despite the fact that many of the Riot Game workers have been realized before their departure, but That could have left it as a Easter Egg , Because it always likes it in the American developer and that it can be taken in this way for the vast majority of League of Legends users.


It will be necessary to see if they finally retouch or change this little failure, although it is likely that leave it to take it as meme or internal joke of the design and art of Riot Games . Season 12 has started over the high and many of these aspects have been eclipsed by Zeri, the new champion has just landed in League of Legends and who is assuming a huge headache for many of the players They do not know how to play against it and look surpassed by the queen of the ray.

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