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Large traces left at Borussia Dortmund always. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Osman Dembélé won the DFB trophy together in 2017, the Ga boner Goal Scorer of the Football Bundesliga in the same season. The inglorious chapters of the two ex-BVB stars should still follow. In this winter, there are again great parallels between the two stink styles.

Away from all the disciplinary misconducts, who lasted Aubameyang most recently at the FC Arsenal, the first look is his health. After his corona infection during the Africa Cup, heart problems occurred at the Ga boner. Currently, the 32-year-old is in London to undergo further medical examinations there.

It is the question in the room whether the center-runner returns to the lawn at all for the Gunners. Fortunately, not because of health risks (such as Sergio Ague), but because of his Borussia Dortmunding indispensability.

The King of Suspended makes his name all honor

At regular intervals, negative headlines of the King of Suspended, as he was recently described in a goal.com report. After a late return journey from the home leaving Arsenal’s Team Manager Mike Art eta not only the captain’s nobility, but stroked him out of the squad. Since mid-December, he did not complete a mandatory game anymore.

A winter change Aubamyangs has long been distinguished from — as four years ago, when he returned the BVB in January. The signs are very similar.

In Dortmund, the Gardner had already suspended twice, a little later be pardoned. Through further disciplinary escapes and training strikes he forced the transfer to the Premier League at that time. There, his behavior also caused several times for head shaking, now a final line should be drawn.

Strike and winter change: The parallels at Aubameyang and Dembélé

As reported CBS Borussia Dortmunds, the Gunners is an offer of Saudi Club Al Nasser. The disappeared Gardner should be awarded until the end of the season, then the table reciprocity of the Saudi Premier League has a purchase option.

Strike farewell from Dortmund and approaching winter change: both also true on Humane Dembélé. The Frenchman remained his 140 million euros serious transfer fee at FC Barcelona to today.

Instead, the World Champion of 2018 takes away from the square for Capriole. Delays on training, disregard of corona measures, tails of club dates — Dembélé has provoked abundantly headaches in the Catalan responsible for the last few years.

Xavi introduces Dembélé an ultimatum

So it was already at BVB times when the winger struck after only one year from his contract. That Dembélé then escaped his neck over head from Dortmund and left a completely devastated house, underlined the overall impression.

Now the negotiations ongoing for five months have a new contract for trouble. We can not wait any longer, Barça coaches Xavi explained: Either he extends or we have to find a way out to sell him.

Even a contract resolution is in the room to save the salary of the 24-year-old. It would be the next inglorious chapter in the long scandal file of the former hope.

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