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At this point of the party, no longer need to repeat more times that FIFA 22 is all a success among sports fan. Their sales have highlighted markedly in countries such as Spain and the United Kingdom, but this fame is also perceived in the rest of Europe. Therefore, EA wants to continue connecting with the community and has prepared the Team of the Year : A vote in which users choose the best soccer players to create a particular team.

From a list of 80 nominees , the FIFA 22 community has remained with names as highlighted as Messi, Mbappé, Kanté, Marquinhos or donnarumma , so you can see that The Toty is made up of all the positions of a team. In addition, EA has announced that the articles of these players will be available at FIFA Ultimate Team next week, starting with the forwards January 21 .


The EA SPORTS FIFA Equipment is the authentic voice of millions of soccer fans, as they evaluate the best players in the world and vote for those who believe they had the greater impact in the king sport in 2021 David Jackson said, vice president of EA SPORTS FIFA. If you want to know the complete list of Toty, you have below all the members chosen by users. On the other hand, from 3DGames we do not stop highlighting FIFA’s gameplay 22 in its analysis, although we consider that evolution among franchises could be greater.

Team of the Year in FIFA 22





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